Employees and Channel Incentives

We’re THE experts in Employee Incentive Schemes and Channel Incentive Programmes

More and more smart, modern-thinking businesses are putting their people – as well as their customers – at the centre of everything they do.

Whether it’s incentives for direct employees, distributors or resellers, a focus on strong engagement – supplemented by credible, focused incentive delivery – has the power to drive a business to new heights.

Employee incentive schemes and channel incentives can – and do – shift the dial in terms of driving direct sales or sales through third party channels. We know this, because we’re proud to be delivering programmes that drive this type of ROI for big brands across the world, including Sony, Huawei, LG and Mazda.

Incentives for Employees

When companies motivate and engage their staff, they can achieve truly amazing results

It could be a new sales drive or a product launch, a recruitment or retention tool, or simply support to reinvigorate their brand from within, all of these common challenges can be overcome by delivering incentives for employees in new and exciting ways.

It’s what we do at FMI and what we do better than most. We’re proud to say that our employee incentives ideas are up there with the very best agencies in the UK. And being close to London, but without the London agency price tag, means more and more brands are turning to us to help collaborate on their objectives.

Our experience, know-how and capabilities mean we’re able to work in collaboration with our clients to deliver the results that matter to them. Because they matter so much to us too.

Channel incentives

We’ve worked on a vast array of channel incentives programmes with many brands over the years and almost all of them have been centred around different objectives. Not every business is the same, not every challenge is the same.

But we’re not an ‘off-the-shelf solution’ type company. We like to build relationships with our clients and establish a shared trust that means we advise on the right channel incentives solutions, not the most profitable.

Employees and Channel Incentives

We are part of the Appreciate Group Plc and collaborate closely with the Love2shop Business Services team, we work hard to ensure the suite of rewards we integrate into our programmes are the right ones for our client’s audiences and programmes.

The key for us is to make a channel incentive programme deliver what you need and return on investment.

Often this means we establish bespoke channel and sales incentives, ambassador programmes or rewards and incentives strategies for our clients, so all of our incentive schemes are focused and really do resonate and drive returns.

To help understand our approach, we wrote a guide to help out some of our clients – and potential clients – which can be viewed here.

So, if you need your channel incentives programme to…

  • Improve direct sales or sales through third party channels
  • Better educate customer-facing teams on the USP’s of your product or new product
  • Create loyal brand advocates
  • Build strong retention
  • To aid recruitment by making your business stand out in a candidate’s market

…then a channel-focused programme featuring enticing incentives could help make a notable difference.

Employees and Channel Incentives

Tradition and Technology

As a team, we have decades of experience in delivering employee incentives schemes and channel incentives programmes – we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We also have our finger on the pulse when it comes to utilising modern technologies and innovation to deliver.

Designed for a “mobile-first” generation, our customisable reseller incentives programmes, for example, can be used to keep audiences up-to-date with their personal performance and league table position 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By creating online destinations that audiences are keen to visit, brands can utilise targeted channel messaging and reseller interactions.

Our award-winning channel and trade incentive programmes – supplemented by training – are helping our clients to raise brand awareness and improve product sales even when they don’t ‘own’ the channel to market too.

Whatever our clients need, our team has extensive experience of delivering highly effective programmes within complex distribution channels.

Fully Managed

FMI reseller programmes and channel incentives are fully managed by our teams, meaning we will run full sales data analysis on your behalf and provide comprehensive reporting at every stage of the programme.

The targeted and hard-hitting employee and channel incentives programmes we’ve delivered have been proven to increase sales and increase market share.

So, whether you need an annual programme or six-week tactical initiatives, we can be your trusted partner.

Employee incentive schemes

Here at FMI, we have years of experience providing employers with fantastic employee incentive schemes. Galvanising teams across a broad spectrum of industries and a range of international businesses, our case studies speak for themselves.

Whoever your team is made up of, we’ll deliver an employee incentive scheme suited to them. We’ll work directly with you and your staff to understand who they are to create a truly unique employee incentive scheme.

A trusted channel incentive platform

Channel incentives can be hard to get right, with each and every business having different needs and objectives – but with FMI, you’re in good hands. We’re a channel incentive agency with a wealth of experience who know exactly how to do channel incentives the right way.

We have a variety of case studies exemplifying the many ways our channel incentive platforms have benefited businesses both large and small. Simply get in touch with us today to find out how our channel incentives can give your team an engagement boost.

The best incentives for employees

Whatever your employees need to incentivise them, we’ll get to know them and work on creating an amazing employee incentive programme. We help businesses to offer some of the best incentives for employees that they possibly can, to get the best out of your team.

The best teams deserve the best incentives, and we know we can help you get the most out of your team. By working with FMI, you’ll develop employee incentives that you can be proud of.

Unique employee incentives

At FMI, we don’t offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution when it comes to incentives. Our employee incentives are completely unique and tailored to your business objectives as we know that every employee is different and is incentivised by different rewards.

Our unique employee incentives take the form of more basic local experiences to fully-fledged luxury travel experiences. Whatever it is your team needs to be incentivised, we can deliver it in an utterly unique way.

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