Promotional Marketing Roadshows

Experiential marketing can play a key role in delivering your brand message, often involving taking that message directly to the audience via promotional marketing roadshows.

If you’re a marketer or business development professional seeking to improve product knowledge and brand awareness among a network of distributors based in multiple locations, then why not consider an interactive and immersive product roadshow? This could be the ideal means to create new “fans” of your brand who will positively represent your service when face-to-face with your potential customers.

Our Roadshows in Action

Our cost-effective promotional marketing roadshows operate UK-wide, with fully customised buses, trucks and cars that effectively take your brand message directly to your audience. Don’t want a moving billboard? No problem, our promotional marketing roadshows can involve venues and locations perfectly suited to your brand.

Trust the Experiential Marketing Experts

We’re FMI, a brand engagement agency.

We don’t just help our corporate clients to communicate with their channel partners we “engage” their audience. Helping to turn ordinary people into supercharged brand fans.

The trick is not to talk at your audience, but to interact with them at their level, to hold their attention and resonate with them.

FMI are an experiential marketing agency with years of experience planning and delivering promotional marketing roadshows. We design, build and implement a wholly immersive brand experience with highly trained and professional promotional staff. Supported with bespoke training to educate and inform a captive audience through experiential marketing.

Thank you personally for everything you’ve done in organising and implementing our BIG Event. FMI’s knowledge, professionalism and ideas have inspired confidence throughout. There was never any doubt in my mind how much you cared and I certainly had every confidence in your ability to deliver come what may. From all of us at LV= we’re very grateful and look forward to working together again.

Find Out More About Our Promotional Marketing Expertise

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