Sales Training and Ambassador Programmes

Is there a gap in knowledge among your sales teams? Do you need customer-facing employees to better understand the unique selling points of your latest product or service?

If you want your team to accurately convey your value proposition to the general public then you’ll need to create and nurture a team of knowledgeable brand advocates.

Our mobile and web-based ambassador programmes are perfect for building brand loyalty, sales training and developing brand ambassadors.

Such programmes have been proven to disrupt the marketplace and increase sales, particularly within the mobile, telecoms and electronics industries.

Get close to your audience 24/7 with engaging ambassador programmes

Our bespoke mobile apps allow immediate two-way communication 24/7 between your brand and your disparate sales force.

  • Educate your sales team on your product USPs
  • Train them on how to sell your product
  • Improve your service levels
  • …and ultimately maximise your sales.

If you can get this captive audience to love your brand they will sell your brand – making them the most important person in securing a customer sale.

Enhance your ambassador programme with unique and aspirational rewards. Launch tactical sales activity and drive communications via your fully branded mobile app. At the end of your sales period reward those top performing individuals with an awesome money can’t buy travel experience such as trip to Las Vegas or Miami.

Experts in tailor made sales training

At FMI we design, build and manage bespoke sales training programmes to disseminate key product and brand information to your internal team.

Our web-based platforms allow for mixed media site content to communicate your messages in a fun and engaging style.

With training modules and content tailored to your audience, we can measure performance by monitoring interactions with site content, such as linear tests, quizzes, timed responses and questionnaires.

Our account management team are here to support you every step of the way, from the initial consultation and programme planning, through to multi-territory roll-out, and day-to-day management and support, providing full data analytics with measurable ROI.

Our Training and Ambassador Programmes in Action

Our established and proven training and ambassador programmes have gained industry recognition, particularly within the mobile and telecoms sectors.

This is definitely one of the most engaging and effective training programmes we've ever run. I am very much looking forward to launching our next one with FMI's dedicated support.

About FMI

FMI brand engagement agency has over the years designed, managed and built industry leading ambassador programmes, proven to disrupt the market place and change brand perception. Our experienced team can consult with your brand on how to create one of the most valuable tools a marketing team can possess.

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