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Twitter is down, don’t panic

It’s a standard January weekday morning and following your normal morning ritual you make a cup of strong Costa Rican coffee and turn your mobile phone on (or off silent as you like to tell your boss!). Then you notice it, the nightmare that faces many marketeers this morning, Twitter is down!

But how can that be you say, it’s Twitter. Back in the old days it was fairly common for twitter to go offline with users frequently greeted by the “fail whale” drawing – meaning the site had broken. But we’re in 2016, surely not?

You check the app, it’s not working, and you hit refresh on your browser again and again. Perhaps it’s your login details you question but you check again and they are correct. You head online and read that this is a global outage, with the site appearing to have had issues all through the night. Right then team, what’s the backup plan?

Well quite simply, there isn’t one. There isn’t an alternative for posting your good morning message to your hundreds or thousands of followers, there isn’t a means to post those stunning frosty office photos to your avid followers, and there isn’t anything you can do to drive forward your paying client’s marketing campaign.

The long and short of it is, we have to sit tight and wait. We are in the hands of Twitter, but I’m sure there are millions of us globally that have faith that normal service will be restored soon. The question is how soon.

It does make you think though, whatever would we do if the World Wide Web was to go down?



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