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Do sales incentives really work?

Do sales incentives really work?  Sales incentives are a motivation mechanic to reward employees and non-direct employees, usually in a sales role, to increase their performance or change behaviours. These sales incentives can be in the form of group travel trips, gifts, ‘must-have-items’, or e-codes and shopping vouchers designed to encourage the achievement of sales […]

Why you should work with an employee incentive planner

Why you should work with an employee incentive planner Or rather should the question be ‘Why would you not work with an employee incentive planner’? Put simply, you do not want your employee incentive to fail. Failure can come at a considerable expense to an organisation, having invested time, money and effort into the set-up […]

5 tips for organising employee incentive trips

We’ve been organising employee incentive trips for over 30 years and never tire of seeing the success they can bring to both individuals and businesses. Employee incentive trips can be a rewarding way to boost morale and productivity, and not just for sales teams, any employees can benefit from a formal incentive scheme to help […]

Top 10 non-monetary incentives to motivate your employees

In the modern business arena, energised and committed employees serve as the vital force behind every thriving organisation. Though monetary incentives have traditionally dominated as a means of motivating employees, acknowledging the effectiveness of non-monetary rewards is crucial in fostering employee engagement and achieving success. In this article we will discuss non-monetary incentives and the […]

What is a corporate roadshow?

What is a corporate roadshow? A corporate roadshow is a strategic marketing and communication event organised by a company to engage with various stakeholders, such as investors, clients, partners, and the media. It typically involves a series of presentations, meetings, and networking sessions held in different cities or locations over a specific period of time. […]

Which corporate event is most suited to your business?

Which corporate event is most suited to your business? Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes and can vary widely depending on the purpose, audience and business objectives. At one end of the spectrum you have large, often international, conferences and conventions focused on industry-specific topics and attracting thousands of attendees. Tradeshows and expos […]