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What is a corporate roadshow?

What is a corporate roadshow? A corporate roadshow is a strategic marketing and communication event organised by a company to engage with various stakeholders, such as investors, clients, partners, and the media. It typically involves a series of presentations, meetings, and networking sessions held in different cities or locations over a specific period of time. […]

Which corporate event is most suited to your business?

Which corporate event is most suited to your business? Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes and can vary widely depending on the purpose, audience and business objectives. At one end of the spectrum you have large, often international, conferences and conventions focused on industry-specific topics and attracting thousands of attendees. Tradeshows and expos […]

A guide to corporate conference planning

A guide to corporate conference planning When attending a corporate conference, you can often overlook all the hard work and planning that has gone into the event to make it happen. In this blog we draw upon our 30+ years of experience in conference planning to look at what really goes on behind the scenes […]

Driving sales with a digital product selector tool

Do you have a wide portfolio of similar products?  Do customers struggle to understand which product is right for them?  If the answer to these questions is ‘YES!’, then read on for help.  Helping your channel partners and customers purchase the right product. As technology continues to grow exponentially, the volume of IT and Electronic […]

Measurable ways that incentives motivate your staff

Employee incentives are rewards or benefits offered by organisations to motivate and encourage their staff to achieve specific goals, enhance performance, and contribute positively to the overall success of the company. These incentives can take various forms, such as monetary rewards, recognition, professional development opportunities, and other tangible benefits. Incentives play a crucial role in […]

Non-monetary rewards for your employees

Non-monetary rewards for your employees Non-monetary rewards are employee incentives such as job flexibility, appreciation, awards and recognition that do not involve money. Non-monetary rewards are ideally motivational drivers with personal benefits that will emotionally connect to the employee through their work.  Employee incentives do not have to always be monetary, like pay rises and […]