FMI – A leading sales and channel incentives agency

We are one of the UK’s leading agencies when it comes to delivering sales incentive ideas and campaigns. We support, organise and deliver corporate rewards, incentive travel, employee recognition schemes, engagement plans and ambassador programmes.

We compete with global and London sales and channel incentives agencies to work with some of the biggest brands in the world to create and deliver engaging, unique and successful sales and channel incentives programmes that drive genuine results.

And we don’t come with a big London agency price tag.

We’re there to support with fulfilling the delivery of programmes using new technologies and innovation. Our deep-rooted knowledge and extensive experience help us deliver stand out campaigns for our clients.

As a sales and channel incentives agency, we are THE experts when it comes to devising and delivering a range of highly successful corporate rewards, employee recognition and team incentive programmes.

Find out more about how we’ve successfully delivered these for our clients.

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We deliver sales incentive programmes for global clients, including performance rewards schemes, team incentives and brand ambassador programmes.


We are experts when it comes to employee incentive schemes and channel incentives. We always advise on the right incentive solutions, not the most profitable.


We help our clients deliver corporate rewards and incentives programmes that deliver both impact and ROI.


FMI specialises in brand engagement programmes that create behavioural change, driving measurable ROI and positive results.


We devise and deliver award-winning mobile and web-based sales training and ambassador programmes that drive incredible returns.


We are an incentive travel agency that is driving ROI through compelling incentive travel programmes for some of the world’s most famous brands.

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A B2B incentives agency

B2B sales is a competitive industry, so offering great B2B sales incentive programs to your team can be incredibly rewarding. FMI are experts in a range of sales incentives, working directly with you and you to help you come up with great rewards for your team. From determining the best B2B incentive ideas, to building B2B incentive programs from the ground up, we can help you get the most out of your B2B sales team.

Trade incentives

As a trade incentives agency, we offer a range of incentives to help your trade company. Examples of trade incentives can include everything from rewards schemes for your customers, to incentive travel programmes for your sales team. Ultimately, what helps us define a good trade incentive is an increase in customer satisfaction and return on investment – both of which we strive to achieve.

Corporate incentives for your employees

Offering incentives to your employees from the corporate level can be really beneficial to the success of your business. In particular, a corporate health and wellness incentive plan ensures that your staff will be feeling their best and working their hardest. For a great corporate wellness incentive program that’s created with your team in mind, get in touch with FMI.

Employee engagement programmes

A great employee engagement programme is built with your staff in mind. The best employee engagement strategies are built from the ground up to appeal directly to what incentivises your team, that’s where we come in. At FMI, we’ll help increase employee engagement by working with your staff to generate a bespoke corporate employee engagement programme specifically designed for your company. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all engagement strategies, with FMI, your employees will be treated to a unique employee engagement programme that is guaranteed to incentivise them.