We believe in collaboration, not competition, when it comes to working with other agencies.

Here at FMI, we understand what services our team truly excel at. If you’re looking for compelling events, incentives or brand support, then I’d argue our expertise and experience are second to none.

We’re doing it with some of the brightest and best brands across a range of sectors, offering intelligent insight and creative solutions for our clients, but also our agency partners and collaborators.

As a brand engagement agency, we know how important it is to build a network of other professionals we can rely on for complimentary products and services. So much of our work is dependent on us building strong, lasting relationships with suppliers and partners, as well as using their knowledge and skills to deliver great results consistently.

We also know the services we’re not practised in, which is why we’re always open to working alongside agencies that offer specialist expertise in a range of areas that work hand in hand with what we do.

Our clients

We build long-term, trusted partnerships with our clients.

How we collaborate

Who can we work with?

Our clients cover a range of sectors and industries and we’ve always delivered great results for them. We take the time to understand the nuances and intricacies of each area we work in and because of this, we’re able to deliver innovative solutions.

But we can’t always do this alone.

Which is why we’re happy to work in collaboration with agencies, who share the same values as us and who are committed to delivering standout results for their clients too. From PR and design to social media or digital; we know there are agencies and professionals out there who can enhance our service offering and offer additional support on our projects.

Why should agencies work together?

Historically, agencies have always been pitted against each other, with skills and services viewed almost as a competitive currency. It’s an approach that we feel isn’t necessary in the modern world. Instead of competition, we’d like to view other agencies as potential partners, who could help us achieve standout results and real ROI for our clients.

Regardless of where you’re based in the country, if you’re an agency that could benefit from our expertise in brand engagement, incentive programmes or event execution and planning, we’d love to work alongside you and help you with your projects or retained work.

Alternatively, if you believe we could benefit from your support and services, we’d be happy to chat through your approach and portfolio.

We know many hands make light work, so if your work complements ours and could provide additional marketing avenues for our clients, then to us it’s a win-win.

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