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Dealer Engagement Programme

Back in 2019, following a successful digital-first customer cashback promotion, Kubota asked FMI Agency to look at ways to improve their dealer incentive programme. Whilst popular with the dealers (who doesn’t like getting rewarded for sales?), the long-established sales incentive was an admin burden for sales, marketing and finance. 

It was a classic old school spreadsheet-based incentive, requiring manual consolidation and validation of sales and warranty data from multiple sources before the manual issuance of rewards – sometimes months after the initial sale. Difficult to track and therefore difficult to gauge or even measure success. 

That September, we launched the digital dealer engagement programme Kubota Rewards Club, an online portal utilising our channel sales incentive platform and technology. For the first time, dealers could easily monitor their own personal performance, tracking sales, earning points and converting to rewards in an instant. 

The powerful reporting functionality enabled Kubota to look at real time reporting and tracking, from global to individual performance. 

Continuous Enhancements

Over time, we have refined and developed the programme to further reduce workload and to improve data analysis and reporting. For instance, developing APIs to import warranty and sales data more frequently and more accurately. From a dealer’s point of view, this has further reduced the time between action and reward meaning a much greater impact on future sales performance, in turn leading to more frequent brand interactions. 

Reaping the Rewards

Using our platform has saved Kubota tens of thousands of pounds each year without diluting the value of the sales reward to dealers. 

Kubota Rewards Club has gone from strength to strength and is now the digital destination for dealer engagement supporting sales, marketing and now training, complimenting the recent return to face to face product workshops to deepen knowledge and loyalty. 

Dealer Engagement Programme

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