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Channel Engagement Programme

FMI has worked with bp for a number of years building and managing bp Partner Points, the online rewards scheme. Initially a straightforward sales incentive for bp’s key UK distributors selling bp’s Fuel and Charge card to new customer accounts, the platform has grown and developed into a true channel engagement programme.

The FMI and bp team work closely together collaborating on a structured communications plan and ‘always-on’ delivery to meet tough KPIs and adapt to market changes. The bp Partner Points programme has three key objectives for its members: to reward, to educate and to communicate.


At the heart of bp Partner Points is the sales incentive itself. Members are rewarded points for every new bp Fuel and Charge customer account opened. Points can be saved up on their personal Partner Points account to monitor performance and then downloaded onto their very own bp branded reward card provided by Love2shop to spend online, instore or even exchange for 100s of other rewards. As a regulated product, the incentive mechanic is structured to ensure the quality of sales meets specific standards to prevent miss-selling to customers for example.


The programme gives members the tools to understand a changing market and to be able to sell the right solution to their customers. The engaging learning journey and digital training allows members to understand the business, learn about the product and to be knowledgeable about bp’s aim to move away from fossil fuels. Members can take the training at their own pace, guided through our own digital learning structure, earning rewards and knowledge along the way.


Building a community of engaged members, loyal to the programme and the brand, has always been a key aim of the programme. Through competitions, gamification, structed communications and working closely with the field team, we have connected and created a genuine community with our members. Communication extends beyond simple marketing with the account team on first name terms with many of our members. This is reflected in the exceptionally high engagement rates and user generated content driving participation and advocacy.  

2023 saw the most successful year for the programme, exceeding all KPIs from sales performance to membership growth and engagement. 2024 will see us build on this success, utilising our platform’s sophisticated audience segmentation to allow for ever more targeted communications, supported by further off line events and activities to meet tough sales targets whilst supporting bp’s aims to move towards a more sustainable form of energy.

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