Gamification is the application of game mechanics into a business world. It sparks the same motivating, engaging, and sharing behaviours in consumers and employees as it does in a traditional gaming environment.

This can be hugely powerful and when applied as a strategic tool, gamification in consumer marketing can improve overall results and sales performance. Sales gamification can increase consumer engagement, drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness and boost conversion rates.

We support brands by integrating gamification into their consumer marketing activity. From customer loyalty campaigns to improve retention, to product launches to increase sales, we seamlessly incorporate sales gamification into our platforms to maximise engagement and ensure optimal performance of a marketing campaign.

How your sales team can use gamification

How your sales team can use gamification

  • Sales gamification can be used to improve the performance of your sales team:
    Make your sales training sticky and unforgettable
    Increase participation rates with interactive elements
    Improve product knowledge and retention
    Build healthy competition amongst peers
    Reach global sales teams quickly and cost-effectively
    Recognise engagement and participation levels
    Reward sales performance and top achievers
    Thank staff for their dedication and commitment

We work alongside brands to design, build and implement effective gamification for sales teams. As employee engagement experts our games resonate internally with sales staff to increase sales. These same gamification mechanics transcend through to end customer marketing campaigns.

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Using gamification to increase sales

The benefits of using gamification to increase sales has been seen by brands worldwide. It is an easy to implement, cost-effective mechanic that is reusable for multiple campaigns and has global reach.

Turn on tactical gamification for seasonal sales spikes such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day and brand spin-the-wheel or penalty shootout games to coincide with major sporting events. All tactics designed to use gamification to increase sales through motivation, engagement and sharing.

We customise our solutions to meet your business needs and sales objectives.

Using gamification to increase sales

Successful gamification campaigns

Telecommunication brands Sony, Huawei, Carphone Warehouse and Three have all utilised our gamification solutions to increase sales. Our experienced team advise on campaign mechanics, duration, creative and benchmark ROI, they will crunch the sales data and ensure compliance for both consumer and b2b campaigns.

Where brands take our recommendations and implement gamification to increase sales, we have seen engagement increase by as much as 1600% and sales increases of over 200%. While every company is different, as a rule we would conservatively expect to see double digit growth from our campaigns on the benchmark period.

Sales gamification ideas

At FMI we love to connect brands with people in an instant, and gamification is no different. Employees and customers want to know instantly how they’re performing, if they’ve won and what their reward is.

We’ve come up with some awesome sales gamification ideas for brands, from penalty shootout to reinforce a brand’s Champions League sponsorship deal, Snowglobes that reveal a reward when the salesperson shakes their mobile phone to instant wins with an engaging spin the wheel to win or lose.

Sales gamification ideas

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