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Employee Recognition

Recognising employees and boosting performance

What is employee recognition?

As one of the UK’s leading employee recognition companies, FMI strives to deliver the very best employee recognition programmes to our clients. Employee recognition involves acknowledging and appreciating employees’ efforts and achievements. It boosts morale, motivation, and job satisfaction, leading to higher productivity and talent retention – so it’s important that businesses get it right. Our programmes help organisations implement and roll-out effective recognition initiatives for their staff.


There are a raft of benefits to introducing employee recognition programmes into your organisation. From fostering a positive work culture, encouraging teamwork, to reinforcing desired behaviours and values. By implementing effective recognition programmes, you’ll have an engaged workforce that drives commercial success.

Employee Engagement Programme

Our employee recognition schemes and programmes

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Peer-to-peer social recognition platform

Employee recognition ideas to highlight staff achievements

Employee Recognition
Employee Recognition

Employee recognition events and awards dinners

An employee recognition scheme tailored to your needs

Employee Recognition Launch

Launching a new employee recognition programme

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