Delivering compelling Sales Training and Ambassador Programmes

Sales training programmes and ambassador programmes can be incredibly useful tools for clients who identify knowledge gaps within their sales teams, or who need customer-facing employees to better understand the unique selling points of their latest product or service.

We’ve worked with some top global brands, including Huawei, Honor and Sony, to help their teams and networks accurately convey their value proposition to the general public.

It’s enabled us to create and nurture strong teams of knowledgeable brand advocates that can deliver key messages – and drive sales – with both impact and resonance.


Using technology to boost sales and build an ambassador network

Over the years – and still, today – we’re helping to devise and deliver a range of award-winning mobile and web-based sales training and ambassador programmes that drive incredible returns. It is a genuine strength of our agency.

The types of sales training programmes and ambassador programmes we’re collaborating with our clients on are forging brand loyalty among their own teams and wider networks, helping us to drive strong sales pipelines and also create a raft of new brand advocates and ambassadors.

These programmes are proven to disrupt the marketplace and increase sales – just have a look at our case studies below – and we’ve found these to be particularly effective within the mobile, telecoms, automotive and electronics industries.

Brand ambassador programmes

Our bespoke, fully branded mobile apps, for example, allow our client to have immediate two-way communication, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, between their brand and their disparate sales force.

Modern technology and innovation enable us to create engaging ways to launch tactical sales activities, educate sales teams on new product USPs or give useful tips and tricks to boost sales.

Getting a captive audience of ambassadors to love our clients’ brands mean they are more likely to sell their products, which – in a highly competitive retail landscape – can make them one of the most important people in terms of securing a customer sale.

We overlay our clients’ ambassador programmes with unique and aspirational incentives and rewards concepts which can be flexible, adapting to priorities and budgets.

Experts in tailor-made sales training

We have a wealth of experience in terms of designing, building and managing bespoke sales training programmes that enable our client to share – simply and effectively – key product and brand information to their internal teams and networks.

And our web-based platforms allow for mixed-media site content to communicate messages in a fun and engaging style and can integrate with social media platforms including Facebook pages and WhatsApp Business.

With training modules and content tailored to our clients’ audiences, we can measure performance by monitoring interactions with site content, such as linear tests, quizzes, timed responses and surveys.

Our account management team are there to support our clients every step of the way, from the initial consultation and programme planning, through to multi-territory roll-out, and day-to-day management and support, providing full data analytics with measurable ROI.

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