Offering expert brand engagement consultancy as a service

Sometimes the very best ideas come when they’re being bounced between people.

Collaborating with, listening to and learning from others is a key way of working for us here at FMI, as it’s incredibly valuable to our clients that we find new and exciting ways to deliver compelling brand marketing, incentives and events.

As a team, and as collaborators with our clients, we love to explore and incorporate the insights and knowledge of different people.

We have a team of expert brand engagement consultants with a wealth of experience of what works and, importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to our core services.

We take the time to pinpoint and prioritise what our clients need and what must be addressed. We then use this insight and data to identify industry specific influences, which then helps define the business case that is required for stakeholder sign off. We use these discoveries to refine our plans and create a viable and defined brand engagement strategy that will drive positive results.

We’ve highlighted four of our key consultants in this article. Each loves to get around a table or video call to lay bare their expertise and experience in order to bring ideas to life that help to create the best campaigns possible.

With a clear set of objectives and targets, our team of experts can work with brands to help find ways to meet and exceed goals, whether they are increased sales, improved product knowledge, brand awareness… And much more.

Our team of expert consultants are strategists that love collaboration, and they can be on hand to work with you and your business to help define those all-important goals, create campaigns that resonate with target audiences and make an impact with clients of every size and shape.

Meet some of our team

Clare Bingham
Engagement and Operations Director

Clare is a passionate brand engagement expert who has worked hand in hand with a range of UK and global companies to engage both their staff and customers.

Since taking the reins at FMI back in 2019, Clare has worked with the team to help refine our core business offering of strategic brand engagement, and uses her expertise to help us deliver this time and time again for our clients.

Working with businesses to accelerate and optimise their sales through engagement, Clare has worked with numerous clients ranging from telecoms through to global car manufacturers and many more besides, collaborating with them to identify opportunities and create bespoke campaigns that will help them achieve their objectives.

Clare’s experience and knowledge in this space could be invaluable to companies who need help in identifying how to get the best out of their brand and advice on how to build this strategy into their business model.

“It is incredibly rewarding when you can connect a brand effectively with their audience, when executed well the results and return on investment can be phenomenal.”

Clare Bingham
Dave Ball
Dave Ball
Events Director

Backed by more than twenty years’ experience of working in the events industry, Dave has witnessed the evolution of this sector and been agile and adaptable enough to evolve with it.

Experienced in the delivery of a range of events, from exhibitions and road shows, to awards ceremonies and corporate events, Dave has a keen eye for detail and an expert knowledge of delivering effective events that deliver genuine results for clients.

Spearheading our end-to-end events management service, Dave’s knowledge means he can provide you with well-rounded advice that will help you identify the best way to showcase your brand and enable you to take your chosen event to the next level.

Dave’s experience is often game-changing for people who are looking for advice on what sort of event would appeal to their chosen target audience.

“An event is one of the best ways to showcase and profile your product or brand, people remember experiences. Finding the right way to do this is imperative.”

Andrew Hulme
Engagement Consultant

Having worked around the world with many major brands across a variety of verticals, including technology giant HUAWEI, Andrew is an expert at helping guide clients to find the right solution to improve the brand engagement of their employees, channels, and consumers.

With 20+ years of experience in the digital engagement sector, Andrew understands the value of clients’ end goals and identifies the most effective way to help them get there.

Drawing on his own experience, as well as insights mined from all available data, Andrew confidently builds bespoke engagement programmes that will drive results and deliver demonstrable ROI.

Improving your brand engagement is a great foundation on which to build brand awareness and sales and our multi-talented team will be on hand to support you all the way.

Using Andrew’s expert knowledge and significant experience in the industry means you’ll have access to a font of knowledge on how best to establish, drive and continue this campaign to get effective results – or maybe just create the initial business case to get you on the journey. 

“I love nothing more than trying to find the answer to a question. By helping you uncover the questions you need to ask, we can then explore what the answers are.”

Andrew Hulme
Ian Mast-Hughes
Ian Mast-Hughes
Account Director

When it comes to building a bespoke incentives programme, look no further than our in-house expert, Ian Mast-Hughes.

With almost twenty years’ experience building brand awareness and nearly a decade here at FMI working on our incentive programmes, Ian’s level of expertise is second to none.

From building a digital incentive platform that spans different countries and languages, to planning travel incentive trips around the globe, Ian has pretty much seen and done it all. His knowledge in this area means he can offer advice on the creation and delivery of a range of highly successful corporate rewards, employee recognition and team incentive programmes.

Ian is our go-to person for all things incentives and uses the benefit of his experience to collaborate with you to build an incentive programme that will drive results to achieve identified targets.

He will work with you to iron out all the tricky details so that you have a multi-platform programme that works for your brand

“When people know what to do and what they will get out of it, the results will follow. We can help you discover what will work and then define how we achieve the desired objectives.”

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