Engagement even in these uncertain times can really make a difference


Here at FMI we understand that businesses are quickly changing to accommodate the ever-shifting challenges this global pandemic represents, this spring and Easter will be very different from ones that have gone before. We hope in some small way, FMI can share some of our ideas (and a few terrible Easter references!) to maximise Brand Engagement for you.


What does success look like?

A clear objective for what your business needs to achieve is essential. No goal can be met, when it remains undefined, so don’t be a ‘little chicken’ go big, go bold and make it clear what you as a business see success as. Is it increased sales, better product knowledge, uplift in repeat business? How can this be measured, what is the target and how long does it take to get there? Objectives and their achievement must be measured, reviewed and amended over time, to keep pace with the changing environment.


Who is your audience?

This really can determine your choices, do you have a direct relationship with them – are they your employees for example, to whom you know and have the ability to contact directly? Do they work in a handful of locations or are they spread across the UK or world? How many are there, what channels of communication currently exist? Or, as is often the case with our clients, the target audience is indirectly involved with the brand – on the front line in terms of sales or service. How do you engage them, motivate them, educate them and reward them? All egg-cellent questions and ones that FMI are experienced in answering.


Engagement campaign history?

No one wants to ‘look back’; the future is the way forward after all. However, it is useful to assess and review any previous brand engagement campaigns, when looking to plan future direction. Hindsight offers a wealth of information and answers that will allow the most appropriate solutions to be created going forward. However, it’s not only what worked, but also what didn’t – did everyone ‘hop to it’ or were there unforeseen obstacles in their way? How do we best address these now?


Mechanic and rewards

FMI believe there is no ‘chicken and egg’ confusion when it comes to engagement! You need to inform to transform, you need to assess and recognise to create a culture of engagement. So what is best for you? Online and/or offline, launch event, launch packs, desk drops, merchandise, prize draws. Bespoke sites, off the shelf options, cost and timeframe considerations. Right now during spring 2020 we are amidst a global pandemic – an online platform accessible where ever you are be it social distancing or self-isolating – could be the perfect solution.  Rewards should be attainable, appealing and appropriate. Right now, digital rewards such as e-codes are the perfect solution as they can easily be delivered to a user’s inbox. Provide a choice of options so they can choose a treat or perhaps something essential. They will appreciate you for it.


Leading from the top (and bottom!)

Engagement by its very nature must be broad reaching to be impactful and have an effect. Not only must there be leadership buy in, but the channel, teams, business heads, sales force, service team etc. must also be convinced. Clear communication, ensuring the objective is unambiguously stated and what you expect from them – not to mention the rewards! What is in it for them? FMI understand that if we can achieve a strong communication channel, encouraging everyone to take responsibility for effecting change great things can happen!


So don’t delay, ‘spring’ into action and contact FMI’s cracking team to discuss your engagement needs. Anyone for chocolate egg?

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