A leading UK experiential marketing agency

FMI is proud to be a leading experiential marketing agency in the UK, and we support global brands with insightful and innovative experiential marketing campaigns that deliver truly amazing results.

Our expert experiential marketing team – based near London, is packed full of ideas and is delivering the unexpected to audiences around the world, connecting them with our brand partners in new and compelling ways.

Delivering innovation through experiential

Through the close working relationships we have with our clients, we’re trusted to push the boundaries when it comes to experiential marketing concepts, delivering brand engagement and marketing communications campaigns that connect, engage and inspire action.

As an independent and award-winning agency, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to delivering truly behaviour-changing experiential marketing campaigns and we’re proud to work with brands across a range of sectors, including telecoms, mobile, automotive and technology.

For Huawei, Sony and LG – among many others – we’re their trusted experiential marketing agency and we aim to integrate new technologies into the creative experiences we devise and deliver.

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

So, whether it’s taking Huawei to the Henley Festival, Sony corporate roadshows across Europe, or helping LG stand out in a competitive market, we’re packed with ideas that help deliver on their objectives. And, with all of these brands, it started with a brief.

A simple brief is all we need to deliver the experiential marketing ideas, designs and campaigns that help our clients – from global brands to high growth businesses – achieve their objectives.

All it takes is a simple call or email to our experts – you can find out more here. Or take a look at some of our experiential marketing examples on this page.

What is experiential marketing?

In a socially-connected, multi-channel world where media is fragmenting more than ever, many brands are competing in a sea of noise.

The result is that it is proving more difficult for brands to get the cut-through they need to connect with their audiences and, ultimately, drives sales or greater brand engagement.

Experiential marketing is helping to make their voices connect in new and exciting ways, that not only engage, but encourage and excite audiences to take action.

Experiential marketing campaigns – whether that’s corporate roadshows, wild and wonderful stunts, brand engagement events or smart marketing communications ideas – enable brands to bring their story to life by immersing their audiences in their products, inspiring action and creating lasting, memorable connections.

If you’re open to new ideas and are looking for a trusted experiential marketing agency that is bursting with ideas, whilst also focused on the finer details, then get in touch.

What is experiential marketing?


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