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Training Roadshow

How FMI supported Huawei on tour to launch and train staff on their new product

Huawei, the Chinese IT giant, recently started working with FMI to promote their new P9 smartphone. The task; to create an experiential roadshow designed to visit call centre locations nationwide, offering a creative and engaging approach to training staff on the handsets USPs.

With a short lead time FMI designed and commissioned a modular stand with a difference – using the Huawei P9 handset as a basis to create a fully immersive experience for call centre staff.

Bringing Huawei to a call centre near you…

The stand was host to four tailored training zones, taking Call Centre staff on a holistic Huawei brand experience.

Flexibility was key as the roadshow covered 25 locations of varying sizes; the adaptability of the modular build gave visitors the same experience no matter what the size of their call centre with each attendee receiving the same level of training from the dedicated onsite training team.

An added element of gamification in the form of Huawei branded Fortune Cookies and tailor-made ‘Wheels of Good Fortune’ gave each trained Call Centre member of staff the chance to win a selection of great instant win prizes. Helping to further engaging with the audience, and draw a captive crowd.

FMI produced and delivered all elements of the roadshow, from conception, including graphic design, props and displays to pre-event comms and on-site logistics.

The roadshow was a great success training 4000 staff, rewarding over 2000 prizes.

“Easily the best manufacturer installation that we have had at Carphone Warehouse HQ”

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