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Annual EMEA Conference

How we became a ‘must-have’ accessory for Targus’ annual EMEA conference

For the last eight years we have helped the team at Targus plan and execute their highly anticipated annual EMEA conference. At FMI, no two days are ever the same. With over 30 years in the events and incentives industry we have learnt to expect and plan for the unexpected. After all, it’s our job to make campaigns, events and incentive drivers run completely smoothly for our clients. It’s what we’re known for and most importantly, why we have the trust and custom of some incredible household brands.

One of the brands who place their confidence in us, is Targus – a first-class provider of accessories for the mobile, computing and photography industries. We’ve worked with their marketing team for many years now and are a valued partner when it comes to delivering their annual EMEA conference, which brings together the company’s sales and marketing teams for a few days of learning, development and crucially, fun! Last year was in the Algarve, and this year it will be Istanbul.

Creating an annual event to remember

As an international business, Targus has a strong focus on quality and expertly designing products to meet the needs of on-the-go professionals. Their thoughtful solutions and high-quality products anticipate business needs and help their employees achieve more, faster. Which is why their annual EMEA conference is so important to them.

The conference brings together around 80 international staff members to discuss the best ways of working together and share examples of best practice. It’s a highly anticipated event within their company’s calendar and is a great way to build team morale.

We take care of everything from the venue, to international transport then entertainment and conference facilities. It’s a huge task, but one that the team loves. When we see everything come together, it’s an incredible achievement.

Preparation is key

For an event of this scale, our team at FMI, will plan for every eventuality. Whilst the conference itself lasted only three days, our team is there beforehand to ensure everything is arranged. We’ll run through room reservations with the hotel, test all AV and sound equipment and finalise any design and decoration.

When we start the planning process for their event, we provide the team at Targus with several locations and hotel options – all of which have excellent conference facilities, really good flight access and ideally a short transfer from the airport, in a venue or location that works for both the conference but also offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere during the downtimes.

The Algarve was chosen last year as it ticked all these boxes – and then some. The chosen hotel, the Tivoli Marina, had ample staging for the presentations which would take place during the event and also great rooms for the attendees

Our team organised the entertainment (a brilliant saxophonist who played alongside the DJ) and dietary requirements for the gala, alongside onsite lunches and additional activities including a 6.30am bike ride and beach yoga session – we had to make the most of the sun when it shone!

We were also tasked to help set up a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style team building session on stage. We were very much on hand throughout the day, to adapt the running order and arrange for any last-minute video or music needs. We also kept the teams on track with a large visual countdown, helping them to develop their new product designs in a set timeframe and practice their presentations. It was a great team building session, with some fantastic creativity and insight showcased.

That’s a wrap

The whole conference was a complete success and we’ve had great feedback from Targus – both the team we work alongside and the attendees.

“Two of the most important ingredients for a successful conference are ‘organisation’ and a ‘focus on the finer details’… year after year, the FMI team has provided the highest level of support to Targus, ensuring that we create the perfect platform to kick start our new year and motivate the full sales team.”

Excitingly for our team, we’ve now begun to look forward to the 2019 conference and as ever, are looking for ways to impress their team.

How can we help?

We know event planning can be a lot to take on. When it’s not part of your day to day, it can quickly become a stress and the idea of aligning days’ worth of activity can be overwhelming.

That’s why our team are always available to help with end to end event management. We have years of experience, endless enthusiasm and the connections to pull together an event of any scale. Plus, we really enjoy and care about what we do, so our aim is always to become an extension of your team.

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