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Dialling up the anticipation for the Huawei P Smart 2019

Creating a ‘Smart’ consumer experiential experience for Huawei

We’ve worked with Huawei for several years now and understand that as a brand they’re incredibly innovative and pioneering when it comes to the tech and mobile sector. In recent years, they’ve increased their market share and in quarter 3 of 2018 held the number two position in the global smartphone market.

The launch of their latest products is always highly anticipated and with the P smart 2019 handset being released, Huawei wanted to make a big splash in the UK markets.

They approached us at the beginning of the year and asked us to develop an experiential idea which would work in Westfield Stratford City, with the expectation to roll the idea out to further shopping centres in the future.

A game of phones

To launch the handset, we placed a large branded, black phone box in the middle of the shopping centre, to create a visually impactful draw for people. With two trainers fully briefed in the product and its abilities the campaign began and Huawei were able to engage with the public and potential customers.

The trainers demonstrated the AI capabilities of the handset through a tethered Huawei tablet and P Smart handset, giving people hands on experience and the chance to demo the P smart 2019 for themselves. The tablet has a wide range of images that the P smart would pick up through its AI function.

The mobile’s new AI scene recognition technology can identify 22 categories and 500 scenarios in real-time for great photos. Using the dual 13 MP + 2 MP cameras, the P Smart 2019 can show vivid details and provide a natural bokeh effect for any standout moments.

Alongside the phone box, we ran a competition to peak people’s interest in the product and generate further excitement around the launch.

To be in with a chance of winning, entrants had to guess the number of photos they thought would be taken on the P Smart 2019 at the shopping during the course of a week. They entered their guess into the tablet and were then issued with a raffle ticket from one of the trainers. In order to be in with a chance of winning the prize, they then had to return to Westfield at a specific time and date, when a big reveal would take place and those whose guess was closest to the final number of photos taken were awarded 1 of 5 handsets.

A ringing endorsement

During the big announcement, around 100 possible winners turned up, with the trainers feeding back to say the campaign had reached fever pitch during the final hour and they were having to use their own phones to enter people into the competition.

The winners were revealed quickly once the announcement began, with many of the people taking part saying it was incredibly exciting to be part of such an impressive competition.

The campaign received such a positive response that Huawei are now looking to refresh the idea and enhance the phone box to include digital screens on each side, showing videos of the product and also an illuminated graphic  on the top of the box (for customers stood on the levels above). Wireless charging stations will also be rolled out in further shopping centres as part of the activity moving forward.

If you think an experiential idea would benefit your product launch and create engagement around your brand, contact us today to chat through your options. We’d love to help and think outside of the ‘phone’ box for you too!

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