The corporate and internal communications agency you can trust

At FMI, we’ve championed brands – with audiences and consumers, across international markets and within businesses – for more than a decade.

Our corporate and internal communications specialists can create strategies to align with any company’s goals, and we’re doing it week in, week out for brands big and small, delivering campaigns locally or globally.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we’re well-versed in driving corporate
communications strategies that drive the behaviours our clients are looking to encourage.

Corporate communications

Whether it’s major new corporate communications campaigns, brand design, a refreshed brand identity or internal communications strategies that drive results, we’ve helped deliver some truly lasting returns and, in many cases, all it has taken is a simple brief to our team of specialists.

We’ve integrated sales incentives and employee and channel incentives into those strategies seamlessly, when required, and the successful outcomes we’ve achieved mean our clients use us time and time again.

Corporate and Internal Communications

A leading internal communications agency

Driving successful internal marketing and communications campaigns is often easy to say yet difficult to deliver, but we have the experience to inspire reactions through our creatively executed campaigns and can adapt as necessary.

We’ve launched compelling internal brand communications campaigns for new product launches, corporate changes, and incentives and sales pushes. When done right, the results can make a mark and leave our clients looking like superstars in the eyes of their C-suite leaders.

Delivering results

We’re used to delivering results for brands across a range of sectors, including finance, automotive, technology and mobile.

So, whether you’re a big global player or a new market entrant and growing, future success story, we can support you to achieve your objectives. All it takes is a simple call or email to our experienced team.

Let our creative ideas and fresh approach drive your next corporate or internal communications campaign to new heights.

We’re a corporate and internal communications agency, based near London but without the big city agency price tag, that can provide cost-effective solutions and engagement programmes built around your budget. Try us out!

To find out how our corporate and internal communications specialists can help you develop a strong brand, call 0870 890 3305 or contact us using the form below.