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We are an innovative, agile and digital first agency when it comes to delivering compelling and successful sales incentive programmes for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Based near London, FMI has developed a range of award-winning incentive programmes and initiatives over the last decade, helping us become a leading sales incentives agency in the UK.

Our agency focus is on creating engaging sales incentives programmes that drive genuine results, tailored to your business needs to ensure we are delivering ROI at scale.

Our experienced team of brand engagement experts will help you to design a sales incentive that will improve business performance, increase sales and deliver brand engagement. We create stand out sales incentive programmes for our clients, including points based rewards schemes, sales team incentives, staff incentives, and tactical sales drivers.

We have the ability to be reactive and responsive, driving momentum and enabling you to get the most out of your sales incentive, whether it be an 8 week or a year long programme.

Tactical sales drivers

Tactical sales drivers

FMI’s tactical sales proposition is a cost-effective solution for engaging audiences that tackles the challenges presented by the impact of the global pandemic on brands.

You can connect to multiple audiences, giving employees, teams, regions or partners the reassurance and brand awareness that will be instrumental in driving sales during your recovery year.

No more commitment to a long-term programme, juggling multiple stakeholders and budgets across your business. This is a single, cost-effective solution for your audience with fun, engaging tactical content.

Reach your audience

Over a decade in business, we’ve devised and delivered tactical sales incentives ideas for many brands, including Sony, Carphone Warehouse and Huawei, proving how incentive campaigns really do drive sales teams’ excitement, energy and results. Contact us to discuss sales incentives if you want to:

Reach channel staff with the right knowledge and fun tools to quickly and efficiently improve sell-through rates.

On-board retail staff in minutes and get them up to speed. Whether full or part-time, new starter or seasonal temp, increase their brand awareness to drive sales.

Engage sellers with fun activity and gamification so they will want to learn. Stay front of mind and ahead of your competitors.

Reach your audience

Creating awesome sales incentive experiences

We can help you to create a sales incentive with the ‘wow’ factor. From high-adrenaline activities such as flying, abseiling and fast-car days to VIP experiences with stadium tours, celebrity dinners and unique venues, we’re here to help reward and recognise your top sales performers.

Our team of incentive experts and event managers have organised group incentive travel trips spanning 10 to 100 people and taken them on the most awe-inspiring adventures to international destinations. From UK incentive trips to long-haul travel, our team are experienced in devising and delivering sales incentive mechanics and rewards that guarantee an increase in sales performance.

End-to-end incentive management

As well as conceptualising incentives campaigns in partnership with our clients, we devise and deliver the sales incentive programmes and the rewards to support them. Ranging from digital reward codes to a once-in-a-lifetime incentive travel experience, our team can help.

Critical to our collaborative approach is genuinely understanding the challenges and opportunities our clients face – thinking ‘globally’ about what we’re aiming to achieve together and how our incentive solutions fit into the bigger picture.

But then, delivering ‘locally’ – meaning we create and deliver sales incentives programmes that resonate on the ground and deliver the return on investment our clients demand and deserve. From UK only to full international multi-language incentives, our solutions can be scaled up and down depending on client budgets and needs.

Sales incentive ideas

Often, we are called upon when a client’s current sales incentives programme is flagging or not delivering the returns it once was. We’re the creative spark that has the sales incentives ideas that reignite these.

Often sales performance rewards need a touch of magic, something different, in order to deliver and our decades of experience means we’ve been there and done that, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

We don’t just help our corporate clients communicate with their sales teams, we engage them and help them to deliver and become supercharged brand fans.

Sales incentive ideas
Sales incentives programnmes

Sales incentives programnmes

We pride ourselves on designing a sales incentive solution that is right for your brand. We can activate, in short timeframes, tactical sales incentive campaigns that are hard-hitting, cost-effective, motivational and will increase sales performance.

If tactical incentives isn’t the right solution, we can create an incentive structure and mechanic for a longer, always-on incentive programme to continually engage your workforce and sales staff. Designed for longer-term engagement these solutions will improve your brand awareness and almost certainly increase your market share

We’ve got a raft of client case studies showing the positive impact strong sales incentives programmes can have. Why not get in touch to see how we could help you deliver class-leading sale incentives campaigns.


Incentives for sales staff

We’ve worked to help companies offer great incentives for their sales staff for over 10 years. Let us know how your company works and we’ll work with you to design and deliver a variety of great incentives for your sales team.

We can offer great rewards and motivators for your sales team and help you come up with innovative incentive ideas that are sure to help your team hit their targets. We’ve worked with major international brands including LG and Sky, and we bring that experience to every project to help guarantee growth.

Sales incentive rewards

When your team is doing well, you’ll want to let them know it. Our aspirational sales incentive prizes and rewards are sure to motivate your staff. From exciting VIP hospitality experiences to group travel trips abroad, we’ve helped plan all kinds of incentive rewards for a variety of major brands.

With a raft of case studies, you can get a feeling for the variety of rewards we’re able to offer you. If you’d like some great prizes to motivate and recognise your sales staff but don’t know where to start, just get in touch with FMI today.

Sales team incentive ideas

The best sales incentive ideas are built specifically for each team. If you need some help formulating sales team incentive ideas, then FMI is the sales incentive agency for you. With us on-board, we can guarantee an incentive mechanic and structure that will generate return on your investment, every time.

With all the incentive options out there, it can be hard to determine exactly which sales incentives would work for your team. Our wide experience within the sales incentive industry means that you can be sure we’ll be able to offer you plenty of sales team incentive ideas to achieve your business objectives.

Tailored incentive schemes
Tailored incentive schemes
Incentive schemes for sales staff

Having a sales incentive scheme in place is often essential to get the most out of your sales team. We can work with you to help build an incentive scheme from the ground up, with a laser-focus on your team to ensure it appeals to them.

We’ve put sales incentive schemes in place for a range of major global clients and have seen some great results; high levels of engagement and increased performance. Work with FMI today and start building the foundations of a world-class incentive scheme for your sales staff.


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