Making brand engagement programmes our priority

As a brand engagement agency, our expertise lies in creating effective and successful programmes that enhance customer, trade or employee behaviours, positively affecting our clients’ ROI and results.

Our decades of experience in brand engagement means we understand how to engage all types of audiences from retail and contact centre staff to employees and customers.

Engagement and action sit at the heart of what we do as an agency. It’s our in-depth understanding, coupled with our creativity, agility and drive, that allows us to create client brand engagement programmes and strategies that improve both the customer, channel partner and employee experience.

We supercharge brand engagement

Our digital solutions are ever-evolving as we work with some of the world’s leading telecommunications and consumer electronic brands, including Three UK, Huawei Technologies, Sony Mobile and LG Electronics, who place their trust in us to deliver.

We deliver tailored solutions to keep employees, channel partners or customers highly engaged with your brand. We understand that programmes need to have a widespread adoption, they need to work effectively and drive results. From digital programmes to events, we work towards rewarding an audience for staying engaged with our client brands, offering rewards which are memorable and have a positive impact for their teams.

Do you need to increase sales performance?

Our Sales Engagement solution is the platform for engaging audiences that other marketing channels don’t traditionally reach. We can help you to get your brand message across to multiple audiences with our scalable, modular and cost-effective platform.

Do you need to increase sales performance?

Digital programmes to ensure ROI
Manufacturer trade engagement programmes

Brand engagement is a powerful mode of conversation between you and your audience. That’s why all of our programmes are focused on offering more opportunities to encourage and cultivate the level of ongoing audience involvement with their brands.

“A phenomenal programme developed by the team at FMI that has provided us with the tools to communicate our messaging directly to the shop floor.”

Digital programmes to ensure ROI
Measuring brand engagement to drive success
Measuring brand engagement to drive success
Creating effective channel engagement

All of our brand engagement programmes are considered, quantifiable and, crucially, make a positive contribution to the overall customer and employee experience offering. Whether it’s improving employee motivation, driving sales or brand advocacy, we can offer solutions to reach and engage these targets.

From dynamic high growth businesses to multinational corporations – we’re always on hand to offer insight, analysis and expertise. We’re passionate about the brand engagement programmes we develop and want them to perform to the best possible level, not only for our own success, but also for our valued clients.

Our engagement consultants provide not only creativity when it comes to solutions and ideas but also insight when it comes to measuring brand engagement.

We can manage a range of brand engagement programmes, which offers any or all of the below services:

Collaboration is the key to success

Our clients think of us as an extension of their teams, so if you think we’d be a good fit for your brand and you’re considering delivering brand engagement programmes as a way to interact with your staff, channels or customers, then get in touch below.

We’d be happy to talk you through our end-to-end process, our past successes and even provide you with some ideas to help you achieve success.


Let's explore together how brand engagement
can support your business.

Internal brand engagement
Maximise your employee brand advocates

We’ll work with your business to help incentivise your team wherever needed. Our creative team of internal brand engagement consultants will motivate your employees and support brand ambassadors to get the most out of your internal team.

We’ve run internal brand engagement campaigns for a variety of major companies and have a selection of case studies available. We are happy to demonstrate the many ways we encourage internal brand engagement and the positive impact they can have on your business.

Internal brand engagement
Brand engagement activities
Brand engagement activities
Get creative online and offline

One of the best ways to get people engaged with your brand, both externally and internally, is by offering a selection of great brand engagement activities. We’ll work with you to offer your employees and customers a selection of creative activities to help them engage with your brand.

All of our brand engagement activities are tailored and fully customised with your company in mind. Our agility means that we’re able to work directly to ensure a high level of engagement from both staff and customers.

Experienced brand engagement managers
We're here to guide you

Our team of brand engagement consultants guarantee that each and every brand engagement programme is customised to your needs. The service our engagement managers bring to the table is supported by our team’s background working closely with major organisations.

Our brand engagement managers have experience working with the likes of Sony, Huawei, Mazda and other global brands, fitting seamlessly into the team to offer the best experience possible. Our team acts as an extension of your own, bringing brand engagement programmes to life.

Experienced brand engagement managers
Personalised brand engagement campaigns
Personalised brand engagement campaigns
However big your budget, we can help

Each one of our brand engagement campaigns is built with your business in mind. We offer a fully bespoke service designed around you. Only through offering a service like this can we be sure that every aspect of our brand engagement works effectively.

We’ve brought our personalised brand engagement to a range of major companies who have benefited from our personal touch. We have a selection of case studies that demonstrate the impact our personalised engagement campaigns have had on our clients.

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