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Channels Sales Incentive

Creating a bespoke rewards programme for a revolutionary product range

Always on channel sales incentive with LG Rewards+

LG Electronics UK have been a client of ours for the last five years, having contacted us in 2014 with a challenge to engage sales representatives in the UK’s independent electrical retailers with a channel sales incentive. They wanted to explore an online sales incentive which would raise awareness of the company’s flagship OLED TV range – which five years ago, was completely new to market.

To meet this challenge, we created a completely bespoke web-based platform with a supporting app. The launch of LG Rewards+ channel sales incentive gave retail staff a boost and a reason to prioritise LG TVs. Now, five years later, the programme seamlessly matches the yearly sales cycle, taking into account peaks in the retail calendar.

Creating brand advocates

Our LG Rewards+ programme now very much sits at the heart of LG Electronics UK’s retailer engagement strategy, creating loyal brand advocates through incentive driven projects which are reinforced through learning tools, competitions and prizes.

Over the past five years, we’ve managed all aspects of the programme, simplifying the sales message, training, educating, engaging and rewarding the individuals and the independent retailers who support the LG brand and the OLED TV range.

With revolutionary energy efficiency and an ultra-slim design, the LG OLED TVs deliver maximum picture quality, with minimum power consumption, making them a great range for sales representatives to talk through effortlessly, using the tips and tools from the programme.

When they make a sale, retailers can digitally log and track their progress via the dedicated mobile app or the web platform, earning reward points for sales and activity. As with any great programme, points make prizes, and the LG Rewards+ points can be exchanged for popular Love2shop gift cards.

‘Life’s Good’ with rewards

The key benefit of this incentive programme is the inspiring and engaging content, which piques the interest of sales staff and effectively delivers LG’s key brand messaging.

It also supports LG’s ATL activity, providing users with the tools and knowledge to boost sales performance. Our structured communication is always themed to give the platform a fresh and easily recognisable identity. For us, it’s incredibly important to make sure the content is ever evolving, so it captures the attention of new users, but also those who’ve been using the platform for several years.

During the time we’ve worked on the LG Rewards+ programme, over 17,000 sales have been logged. In 2018, 91% of users logged at least one qualifying sale, with 74% of users making a qualifying sale during November and December of this year.

With regular quizzes, competitions, structured communications and themed tactical activity which keeps the programme fresh and exciting, the platform has driven year on year growth in sales and engagement.

Due to the success of LG Rewards+, the programme has been replicated in other areas of the business including home appliance and audio products. After almost 5 years, LG Rewards+ has grown and evolved into a hugely successful ‘always on’ channel engagement programme, which our team and the team at LG are incredibly proud of.

If you think a rewards scheme or incentives programme could benefit your brand, get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to provide ideas for programmes which will motivate and inspire your staff and retailers!

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