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Experiential roadshows with Huawei

Turning up the dial for Huawei’s latest experiential roadshow

We’ve been proud to call Huawei one of our clients for the past four years and have worked alongside them on a range of brand incentive programmes and events – including an array of experiential roadshows.

Just last year, Huawei asked us to develop a customer experiential roadshow idea that would work in a number of shopping centres in the UK and help drive awareness of its highly anticipated P smart 2019 device.

We put our heads together at FMI HQ and delivered a campaign which left Huawei and their customers all charged up!

Our idea was to place a large branded, black phone box in the middle of some of the country’s largest shopping centres with two fully briefed trainers on hand to engage with the public and any potential customers. During our time at the shopping centres, we also ran competitions to generate even further excitement around the launch. You can read more about that campaign here.

A Level-Up

Fast forward to November 2019, after the success of the initial experiential roadshows, Huawei approached us for another bite at the cherry – only this time our target hubs were some of London’s busiest train stations.

With a brief to showcase the charging power and battery life of the brand’s devices, we developed and further enhanced the original roadshow idea transforming the black phone box into a life-size power station. We again, had a fully briefed training team on hand at the roadshows to answer any questions and demonstrate the products on show, which included mobiles, accessories, tablet and home products.

To fulfill the brief, the stand now featured USB cables for visitors to charge their own mobile phones whilst the training team engaged with them on one of the biggest selling points for Huawei devices – the battery life. This encouraged visitors to compare the battery life of their device to a Huawei handset.

Taking place from November 2019 through to January 2020, our teams were placed across four London stations; Paddington, King’s Cross, Victoria and Waterloo with each stand also featuring a spin the wheel-style competition and grabber machine. The interactive games were designed to encourage more visitors to the stand and prizes included Huawei products such as car chargers, health bands, water bottles and tote bags.

A stroke of luck

The roadshow generated a footfall of approximately 1,000 people per day trying out handsets, interacting with competitions and engaging with the training staff. It was, however, when a peak-time train was cancelled at Victoria station, leaving thousands in a travel predicament, that the stand’s innovative features really proved their worth.

Thanks to an inviting stand design and useful charging cables, the Huawei training team were inundated with hundreds of visitors keen to take advantage of the stand’s charging cables. This allowed the training team to engage with the stand’s visitors and showcase the vast array of devices and features on offer at the stand. The campaign received another incredibly positive response from the public, with Huawei looking to repeat the roadshow in Spring 2020 with another refreshed stand idea for the power station!

If you think customer experiential roadshows would benefit your product launch and create engagement around your brand, contact us today to chat through your options. We’d love to help re-charge your brand!

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