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Retail Sales Incentive

Drive with Huawei

How we engaged staff to increase Huawei sales

Fuelling success for Huawei

We’re extremely proud to be the trusted partner of one of the world’s leading telecoms providers, Huawei. They’re an exceptionally innovative company who are committed to building a fully connected, intelligent world. Our work with them largely focuses on their pioneering range of smartphones, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK market.

A few months ago, we embarked upon an ambitious channel sales incentive with Huawei and Carphone Warehouse called ‘Drive with Huawei’. This channel-specific sales incentive was designed to drive sales of four key Huawei devices and improve their market performance during a traditionally quiet sales period.

Revving up market shares

Our idea to drive sales centred on incentivising Carphone Warehouse’s sales staff and also their instore managers. To do this we utilised Huawei’s award-winning online trade engagement portal and app ‘Huawei n:gaged’, promoting the incentive and prompting staff to engage with the brand.

The initial six-week sales period utilised a carefully crafted league format which pitted similar stores together across seven leagues. Every eligible sale earned users the chance to win one of our sought-after rewards.

Our star prize was a much-coveted Audi A1, with weekly prize draws of Love2shop vouchers, Huawei smartphones and heaps of branded Huawei merchandise also available across the incentive period to keep interest at a peak throughout the campaign.

Cruising to success

The second phase of the programme saw the most successful stores from each league promoted to pole position in three Super Leagues. At this point, sales were reset, and 135 members of staff and an additional 44 store managers were left to battle it out for the all-important podium finish.

Every sale made moved our Super League drivers ever closer to the final prize draw, which saw one of the 15 most successful staff members and one of the nine best store managers drive away in their very own brand-new Audi A1!

For us, what helped make the campaign so successful, was the interactive trade portal, which allowed sales staff and managers to track their progress. We encouraged users to visit the portal via a packed communications plan, which consisted of email messages, SMS campaigns, site messages and alerts, plus n:gaged app push notifications.

Weekly winners were also published on n:gaged to keep people captivated by the programme and continuously interacting with Huawei.

Racing to the finish line

The sales incentive was hugely successful delivering a significant increase in sales for the period.

The two winners were overjoyed with their prizes, with the sales staff winner saying: “Thank you very much, the new car is incredible. Very handy after writing mine off a few weeks before.

“The incentive was quality and ran very efficiently by everyone involved. Kept everyone engaged regardless of position and store size because of the weekly prizes.  Looking forward to the next one!”

The winning store manager was also incredibly pleased with the results: “First of all thank you so much for the life-changing Audi A1. The incentive was amazing and more importantly the products are the best on the market.

“Huawei are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and technology. The best moments for us were showcasing the amazing P20 Pro’s camera, a real wow moment for customers and an instant sell. Around 70% of my team now have the Huawei range.”

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