5 Brand Engagement Tips for your Exhibition Stand

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Steph West, Senior Event Manager at FMI Agency, shares her top tips for delivering effective brand engagement on your next exhibition stand.

When you make the decision to exhibit at an industry event there are lots of things to consider; from whether you’ll benefit from a simple shell scheme or a larger space only stand, to what your corporate messaging is and if attending the show will deliver return on your investment.

Whilst the budget you have available plays a big part in deciding on the size of your event space, there are other factors to consider that can increase brand engagement with those all-important customers and future customers.

1. Eye-catching design

More specifically for space only stands, creating an eye-catching exhibition stand design can really bring your brand presence to life and increase footfall. Utilising your height limit (dependent on whether you are open on all 4 sides or up against another exhibitor) is a great way of ensuring you don’t get swallowed up by the stands around you, whilst offering more opportunity for logos and branding in the eye line of those walking by. Be sure to keep furniture / props to a minimum to allow for easy access – clutter doesn’t make for an inviting space.

2. Make your graphics pop

For any exhibition stand, be it shell scheme or space only it’s important to have impactful graphics that deliver your brand message. Be that through striking and impactful imagery, simple wording or even your manifesto, it’s worth thinking about what you want everyone to see when they walk past and incorporate this into your stand design. The key is not to overload a panel with words – short phrases, quotes or bullet points usually do the trick so think carefully about what it is you’re trying to tell people.

3. On-stand gamification

One way of drawing attention to your exhibition stand is by offering passers-by the opportunity to take part in a fun and engaging game. This could be with or without a prize, sometimes just a physical scoreboard is enough to entice people to compete to see if they can come out on top. Games should be attention grabbing and simple – no one likes to spend 15 minutes waiting for their turn (unless you’re offering something VERY cool), so it’s best to keep it short and snappy, such as a Spin the Wheel.

4. Everyone loves a freebie!

Who doesn’t? Giveaways are a tried and tested way of engaging with people. Something small but simple can go a long way if what you’re giving away is unique and useful. Of course, a good old pen will also do the trick but those ‘out of the box’ ideas are also a great way to make sure your brand finds its way back to homes or offices, just make sure you consider storage and sustainability before ordering 1000’s of units! There are some great products out there with low impact on the environment.

5. It’s all about the people

Not only does the exhibition stand itself need to be inviting but it’s important that whoever is working on it is delivering your brand message in the right way. People engage with people, so having friendly and approachable staff to meet and greet visitors is key. This is also important for any gamification you may have – make sure the person managing this is the right fit to encourage your stand visitors to get involved. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have enough cover for coffee breaks and lunches if necessary too so your stand is never unattended. You don’t want to miss that vital customer opportunity.

At FMI we design and deliver bespoke brand engagement solutions that ensure your exhibition stand performs to its maximum potential. Our team of exhibition stand experts will work with you to ensure positive touchpoints and connections with your customers throughout the duration of the event.

For more information on exhibition stand design please email info@fmiagency.com

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