Collaboration is the new competition for agencies

By July 21, 2020Agency

At FMI, we believe collaboration has replaced competition when it comes to working with other agencies within the creative industry.

In recent years, we’ve come to understand what areas we truly excel at as an agency. We know we offer first-class events, exceptional brand engagement and outstanding incentives programmes. But we also know where our expertise doesn’t lie, and we think this is crucial to contributing to the future success of our business and also our industry.

Collaboratively working with other agencies who offer services we don’t can only be a good thing in our opinion. It allows us the opportunity to offer our clients a wider range of skills and services, safe in the knowledge they’ll be receiving a seamless service from us and we’ll still be contributing to their wider marketing mix.


So, who can we work with?

As agencies we’re accustomed to managing clients, creating workflows, contributing to client meetings and in these changeable times, taking part in conference calls which are attended by multiple partners.

These inherent skills mean not only are we able to work efficiently with our clients, we’re also able to easily synchronise with any of their other existing agencies or new companies they may bring onboard.

We believe we’re agile enough and commercial enough to be able to work with a wide range of other agencies across a multitude of sectors. Whether it’s a PR agency who needs additional support to bring a brand incentive idea to life, or a design agency who’s been asked to pull together an annual conference; we’re able to help.

From our experience, clients appreciate and reward transparency so we shouldn’t be reluctant to tell them we’re pulling in another source.

And importantly, we don’t see it as a one-way street. Partnerships between agencies are beneficial for all sides, including the client, and with COVID-19 having caused so many challenges for so many different sectors, a collaborative approach can help to secure businesses moving forward.


Preparing for partnerships

Agency collaborations can be a great way to supplement teams and help to grow businesses. We know our work is complementary to other agencies and the skills we offer can provide mutually beneficial integrated ways of working for our clients.

We’re always happy to hear from other agencies and discuss ways we can work with them on projects or even as a support for their long-term clients. The benefit of working in this way with an agency such as ours is we can dial up or dial down our services as required.

For us, the relationships and the results are the most important things. As long as all parties are on the same page with what they want to achieve and how they want to go about doing it, an agency-agency partnership will always be advantageous.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be using our networks to reach out to other agencies and share our credentials with them. We also hope complementary agencies will approach us too, so we can build a network of dedicated and skilled professionals, who will support our clients going forward and, in turn, support our industry which has been impacted so drastically by COVID-19.

If you’re an agency and you’d like to speak with us about partnership activity, get in touch with us to talk through your requirements – we’d be happy to help with ideas and practical solutions to any events, incentives or branding problems you may have.

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