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Driving sales with a digital product selector tool

Do you have a wide portfolio of similar products? 

Do customers struggle to understand which product is right for them? 

If the answer to these questions is ‘YES!’, then read on for help. 

Helping your channel partners and customers purchase the right product. 

As technology continues to grow exponentially, the volume of IT and Electronic products coming to market is ever increasing, with the electronics sector specifically in very good health in 2024.  

From Smartphones and televisions to laptops and IT accessories, new products can have a bewildering array of similar specifications…at least as far as the customer is concerned. Whether it is processing power, screen technology, colour variants, connectivity or some other feature, whilst manufacturers may think they’re offering everything a customer wants by providing such a wide choice, often it can lead to the wrong product being purchased. This creates unnecessary friction for both the customer and manufacturer. 

So how do you ensure customers purchase the right product? 

This is where our product selector tool can make everyone’s life more simple. 

Selling products via channel partners

Many manufacturers rely on product sales through their preferred channel, be it distributors and/or resellers. When selling through channel partners, manufacturers need to ensure the channel’s salespeople are equipped to sell the right product to their customers. 

Salespeople will be trained on the manufacturer brand and product range, often provided with product specifications, and be expected to have good sound technical knowledge – but with so many manufacturers and hundreds of products to sell it would be unrealistic to expect them to sell the right product every time. 

By providing the channel sales force with a product selector tool they can focus on their customers’ needs rather than memorising multiple specification lists. 

Selling products directly to the consumer

As of September 2023, around 31 percent of the UK population purchased technology and electronics online, with the Coronavirus pandemic leading to a surge in online purchases. When selling through e-commerce websites, manufacturers need to provide all the necessary information to ensure the customer chooses the right product. 

Customers will typically conduct their own online research, read reviews and use comparison websites to ascertain which product to buy. If the journey to product selection is complex, customers will not understand the product options available to them, therefore resulting in either not making the purchase, or buying the wrong item and needing to return it. 

Helping customers choose the right product

As a manufacturer you will have Product Marketing Directors and Sales Directors who are responsible for driving sales both through channel and direct to consumers.  

Two of your objectives will be: 

  • Ensure the channel sell the right product 
  • Ensure the customers choose the right product 


Simplifying the product selection journey is essential. 

As a Product Marketing Director, you may have a complex product portfolio with many variations and specifications. You need to present your product line up in a simple way for customers to navigate and understand.  

To achieve your objectives, you need to convey this information for both channel partners and direct customers. Help them to make decisions, remove the complexity of the product selection process, and present the information they need to purchase in an engaging and useful way. 

Support your channel with a digital product selector tool

Our digital product selector tool is an intuitive decision-making solution that makes complex sales simpler. 

Provide sales support to your resellers and distribution channels with a product selector tool, helping them to choose the right solution for customers. Our intuitive selection tool enables your partners to find the right product and solution based on customers answers to predefined questions. 

You can provide the product selector tool to your channel partners to help them achieve their sales targets and exceed expectations. 

  • Integrate the product selector into your channel partner website, or: 
  • Host as a standalone website for simple execution 
  • Co-brand to demonstrate your company and partner working together 
  • Automatic product updates; imagery, specifications, features 
  • Dynamic content, tailored by range and stock availability 
  • Live pricing updates to maintain competitive edge 
  • Integrated quotation tool to help partners price customer requirements 
  • Cost-effective and quick to roll out 
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to better product matching 


Use the digital product selector to drive the right, quality sales.  

Extend your tool to retail channels

Our digital product selector tool can also make complex sales simpler for your direct retail channels. 

Implement the digital product selector into your own brand website or provide it to your retail channel partners to ensure your direct customers experience a seamless buying experience. 

Improve your efficiencies and customer experience by helping them to buy the right product first time. 

The product selector tool could be utilised across a range of business roles and functions, to include Product Marketing Directors and other Sales and Marketing functions. To find out more about how our product selector tool could benefit your sales, speak to one of our experienced consultants by completing the form below. 


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