How to create engagement with effective channel partner marketing

At FMI Agency we truly believe that every channel partner relationship is valuable, one size does not fit all, and that people only sell what they know. We’ve developed these beliefs from our decades of experience delivering effective channel partner programmes for global brands, both in the UK and Internationally. It’s not easy to connect your brand with your channel through partner marketing but when it is delivered effectively the engagement results can be outstanding.

How to create effective channel partner marketing?


The most important people at partners are those on the front line selling. They often have a vast number of products and services to sell from hundreds companies so it’s important to gain access to these front-line sellers at every opportunity. From the initial product training to ongoing sales incentives and product updates be sure to keep your brand front of mind by using channel partner marketing tools. If you can gain direct access to partners then you have a foundation on which you can start to build brand engagement.


Successful marketing to channel partners will hinge on communication. Done effectively you will have direct communications to the people selling your products. With a collaborative partner you can interact and engage with your partner’s sales staff through frequent communications. Ensure your channel partners know how best to position your brand and products, enabling them to find the right sales opportunities and equipping them with the knowledge to close the deals.


You need to use smart tactics when it comes to creating channel partner marketing that is highly effective. Partners will want you to work in their preferred ways with templated marketing and selling styles. We implement an engagement cycle to ensure you engage partners and can leverage your own marketing plan.

INFORM – engage your partners and clearly communicate who you are, why this matters, and what you want from them.

TRANSFORM – provide your partners with the knowledge that will generate loyalty to your brand and make it easy to sell your products and services.

ASSESS – understand the gaps by analysing partner performance and targets with data metrics to deliver success and ROI.

RECOGNISE and reward achievements of partners who are displaying the desired behaviours.

Recognition highlights to others what is required and further enhances brand awareness and loyalty. Refine and repeat with each engagement cycle based on the data and introduce new partner staff to the brand and/or re-educate existing staff.

Channel Partner Marketing Results

The long-term results of effective channel partner marketing is a fully engaged channel partner who is confident in selling your brand. If channel partners believe in your brand, they will ultimately sell your brand. Enabling global companies to achieve channel transformation.

If you would like to know more about channel partner marketing and engagement then contact us. We are ready to be your partner marketing consulting agency and explore how we can help you. We build long term relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on creating the most effective channel partner marketing solutions that meet your needs and deliver return on investment.

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