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How to make incentive travel even more motivating

Incentive travel inspires, motivates and excites staff. Using travel as an incentive for staff can be up to twice as effective as using cash or merchandise as a reward, and 76% of employees have said they’re motivated when rewarded with travel. That said, it’s always worth looking at how your motivational tools can be improved. […]

Incentive Travel Destinations – The World is Your Oyster

Incentive travel agency FMI provides some guidance about choosing incentive travel destinations when ‘money is no object’. There are 196 countries in the world (if you include Taiwan). Assuming you are not planning to take your incentive travel winners to somewhere domestically, this means you have a choice of 195 overseas destinations to consider when […]

Incentive travel rules, ok?

By definition, incentive travel means going somewhere as a result of an incentive campaign. Otherwise it’s just group travel. But how many organisers are aware of what participants have had to do to qualify for such events and does it make any difference to the delivery of the travel experience on the ground, even if […]

Don’t worry, be happy

The threat of terrorism seems ever-present these days. So when it comes to recommending overseas destinations what ‘duty-of-care’ should event organizers show when proposing where to go? If you’re too cautious delegates don’t show up…but if you’re too creative, they may die.