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What does an employee motivation scheme involve?

What does an employee motivation scheme involve?

Employee motivation programmes and schemes can work wonders in the workplace. But what exactly are they and what do they involve? Let’s delve into this topic and explore how FMI Agency, a leader in creating bespoke employee motivation schemes, can help boost your employee’s morale and productivity.

A critical aspect of any successful business is employee motivation. It involves strategies and initiatives aimed at encouraging employees to contribute their best efforts towards achieving the company’s goals. These schemes are company embedded programmes and are intended to be long-term, always-on schemes that focus on employee motivation through reward and recognition. Typically, they are non-monetary based schemes as it’s proven that these are better at sustaining longer-term employee engagement than just rewarding with bonus payments or salary rises.

Why is it important to a business to focus on keeping employees motivated? It’s important to businesses to keep their employees motivated as it’s a contributing factor to overall company success. Engaged employees tend to perform better in their roles, demonstrate commitment to the brand, and stay longer with the company. Each of these aspects brings a substantial return to the business such as lower staff churn, reduced operating costs and the creation of brand advocates who have pride in the company.

As experts in brand engagement, FMI Agency know how to motivate employees using structured employee motivation schemes. We can provide the knowledge and experience as well as the digital platforms and inspiring rewards to truly engage your staff and deliver return on investment. We understand what makes employees feel engaged and can help you achieve a motivated workforce and business success.

What is an employee motivation scheme?

Employee motivation schemes or employee motivation programmes are structured plans designed to incentivise employees to perform at their best. They are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organisation and can include a variety of components such as incentives, recognition programmes, professional development opportunities, and work-life balance initiatives.

Employee motivation schemes can become the heartbeat of a successful company, and in any highly successful business you would expect to see a programme that is both effective and aligned with the company values and goals. If you’re seeking to employee the best people, then they will have expectations of a best-in-class employee motivation programme being part of their employment benefits.

A key element to sustainable employee motivation is that employees perceive the success of the company as their success. Continuously recognising employee achievements, jobs well done and individual performances is a positive way to harness and cement that perception.

There are a number of foundational things that support employee motivation.

Good Communication

Understanding ‘why’ you are being asked to undertake tasks. It’s important that from the top-down that senior management explain why actions need to be taken. Falling out of the company’s mission, these whys should cascade through the business and help employees understand how their actions contribute toward success.

Clear Targets

In the same way that understanding tasks is important, having clear targets to aim towards is key. Employees should have clarity on what their personal performance targets are along with an agreed plan as to how they are going to achieve them. These should be frequently reviewed and be available for employees to discuss with their managers in an ongoing capacity, making them feel more attainable and within reach.

Celebrate and Appreciate

When employees achieve their targets do celebrate and appreciate their achievements. Recognise and reward great work and give praise publicly to increase team motivation and morale. Celebrate your top performers and recognise those who have gone above and beyond as frequently as is possible.

Encourage Teamwork

Improve working relationships and encourage teamwork through employee activities. Consider team building activities, problem solving challenges and team nights out to help form bonds and positive working partnerships.

These motivational factors can be wrapped up into an effective employee motivation scheme that will encourage employees to put in the necessary effort and action towards work-related activities. It will instil a level of commitment and energy that is required to contribute positively towards the overall business’ success. When employees are motivated, they’re more likely to be productive, creative, and engaged in their job role. If employees have particularly low motivation, then they’re likely avoiding tasks, working slower and not engaging with others, which will have an effect on other employees and productivity.

What does an employee motivation scheme involve?

Incorporating employee motivation ideas into your business strategy can have a significant impact on your team’s engagement and productivity. These schemes involve understanding what motivates your employees, setting clear and achievable goals, providing regular feedback, recognising and rewarding good performance, and fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

An effective employee motivation programme is structured with various components designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of employees. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the structure, including its elements, activities, rewards, and the direct benefits to employees:

Structure of an Employee Motivation Programme:

  1. Needs Assessment:
    • Understand what motivates employees.
    • Use surveys, feedback sessions, or assessments to identify their preferences and expectations.
  2. Goal Setting and Alignment:
    • Ensure that individual and team goals align with the company’s values and objectives.
    • Collaborate to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for clarity, buy-in and motivation.
  3. Recognition and Rewards:
    • Establish a structured recognition program that acknowledges achievements, milestones, and exceptional performance.
    • Rewards can include:
      • Monetary incentives like bonuses, profit-sharing, or salary increases based on performance.
      • Non-monetary rewards such as certificates, trophies, public praise, celebration events or tailored experiences.
  4. Training and Development:
    • Offer training programs, workshops, seminars, or access to learning platforms to enhance skills and career development.
    • Provide opportunities for mentorship or coaching for personal and professional growth.
  5. Feedback and Communication:
    • Implement a range of regular feedback mechanisms to help employees feel like they have a voice. These may include one-on-one meetings, performance appraisals, feedback boards, or anonymous suggestion boxes.
    • Encourage open communication channels to address concerns, provide constructive feedback, and recognise achievements.
  6. Work-Life Balance:
    • Offer flexible schedules, remote work options, compressed workweeks, or job-sharing to support work-life balance.
  7. Well-Being Initiatives:
    • Provide health and wellness benefits, mental health support, gym memberships, ergonomic workstations, or stress-relief programs to prioritise employee well-being.
  8. Team Building Activities:
    • Organise team-building events, retreats, or social gatherings to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.
  9. Growth Opportunities:
    • Establish clear career paths, promotions, job rotations, and opportunities for skill development to encourage long-term commitment.

Direct Benefits to Employees:

  1. Increased Job Satisfaction: Recognising and rewarding accomplishments leads to a sense of fulfilment and appreciation, boosting overall job satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Motivation: Incentives and rewards motivate employees to perform better, achieve goals, and contribute more effectively.
  3. Improved Work-Life Balance: Flexible work arrangements and wellness initiatives help employees manage work and personal life more efficiently.
  4. Skills Development: Access to training and development opportunities allows employees to enhance their skills, increasing their value within the organization and improving career prospects.
  5. Positive Work Culture: Recognition, open communication, and team-building activities contribute to a positive work environment, fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging.
  6. Career Growth: Clear pathways for career progression and development opportunities encourage employees to invest in their long-term growth within the company.

A well-structured employee motivation programme not only benefits the employees but also contributes significantly to the organisation’s success by increasing productivity, engagement, and staff retention ratesB

Employee motivation programmes with FMI

At FMI Agency, we specialise in creating bespoke employee motivation schemes and employee motivation programmes. We understand that each organisation is unique, and we work closely with you to develop a solution that aligns with your business objectives and resonates with your employees. Our goal is to help you create an environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and engaged.

We offer a range of services and solutions which we tailor to help you motivate employees:

  • Engagement Consultancy – our team of experts will assess and evaluate your current employee engagement levels, interview stakeholders and employees and provide recommendations for an employee motivation programme structure with clear goals and ROI.
  • Reward Management – our reward specialists provide guidance on a curated reward offering that includes the rewards that will motivate your staff. They can procure and fulfil rewards and provide you peace of mind that they are sent securely and successfully received by your employees.
  • Motivation Programme – our mobile optimised technology provides a firm foundation of tried and tested scalable digital solutions that allows you to design and develop your own employee motivation programme, that is on brand, relevant to your employees and is fully measurable with built in reporting. Our motivation programmes are fully secure and data compliant.
  • Live Events – for over 30 years our in-house events teams have applied their experience to delivering successful corporate events that engage and motivate employees. From gala dinners and award ceremonies to team building and experiences they can provide a proposal that fits your budgets and delivers beyond expectations.
  • Account Support – we provide a dedicated account team to support any client programmes. Your experienced team will be on hand to support and guide you every step of the way whether that’s offering consultancy and best advice or delivering employee engagement and reward management.


We work with clients across all industry sectors, from rewarding a European workforce of a frozen food manufacturer, to thanking employees for their contributions for a London airport group and an employee referral programme for a global lifestyle brand – we can help you motivate employees, whatever industry you are in.

Employee motivation schemes are a powerful tool for enhancing employee engagement and productivity. If you’re looking to implement an effective employee motivation scheme in your organisation, contact FMI Agency today. We will start the process with an introductory call to ensure we’re the right fit for you and your business.

Let us help you inspire your employees to reach new heights.


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