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What is a corporate roadshow?

What is a corporate roadshow?

A corporate roadshow is a strategic marketing and communication event organised by a company to engage with various stakeholders, such as investors, clients, partners, and the media. It typically involves a series of presentations, meetings, and networking sessions held in different cities or locations over a specific period of time.

Businesses often conduct corporate roadshows for several reasons:

Investor Relations: Companies use roadshows to update existing and potential investors on their financial performance, growth strategies, and future outlook. This helps in building and maintaining investor confidence and attracting investment.

Market Expansion: Roadshows can be used to introduce new products or services to different markets, regions, or segments. This allows companies to generate interest, gather feedback, and establish partnerships or distribution channels.

Brand Awareness: By interacting directly with stakeholders, companies can raise awareness of their brand, values, and offerings. This can help in enhancing brand visibility and reputation, especially in competitive industries.

Relationship Building: Roadshows provide opportunities for companies to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, and the media. Building strong relationships can lead to increased loyalty, referrals, and positive publicity.

Strategic Communication: Roadshows allow companies to communicate their vision, mission, and strategic objectives effectively. This ensures alignment among internal and external stakeholders and helps in driving organisational focus and performance.

Knowing how to effectively plan a corporate roadshow is crucial for maximising its impact and success. Effective planning involves setting clear objectives, identifying your target audience, logistics management, content development, promotions and marketing and feedback and evaluation.

Corporate roadshows play a vital role in investor relations, market expansion, brand awareness, relationship building, and strategic communication for businesses. Effective planning is essential for achieving the desired outcomes and maximising the benefits of these events.

FMI Agency are roadshow management experts. We take all the pressure from our clients when it comes to delivering impactful corporate roadshows and have become the trusted corporate roadshows agency for large numbers of global brands and high growth businesses.

So, what is a corporate roadshow?

A corporate roadshow is a dynamic and strategic initiative undertaken by a company to proactively engage with a diverse array of stakeholders. These stakeholders often include investors, shareholders, employees, clients, partners, industry experts, and representatives from the media. The primary aim of a corporate roadshow is to disseminate key information, foster relationships, and bolster the company’s image and objectives.

This multifaceted event typically unfolds across several locations, spanning various cities or regions, over a predetermined timeframe. The choice of locations may be influenced by factors such as the concentration of target stakeholders, strategic importance of certain markets, or the presence of key industry players.

Planning a corporate roadshow

When planning a corporate roadshow, businesses need to consider several key factors to ensure its success. Here’s an outline of what they need to understand:

Objectives and Goals:

  • Clearly define the objectives and goals of the roadshow, such as investor engagement, market expansion, or brand awareness.
  • Align the objectives with the company’s overall strategic priorities and messaging.


Target Audience:

  • Identify the target audience, including investors, clients, partners, analysts, media, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Understand the specific needs, preferences, and interests of each audience segment.


Locations and Schedule:

  • Select appropriate locations for the roadshow based on the concentration of target stakeholders, strategic importance of markets, and logistical feasibility.
  • Determine the schedule and duration of the roadshow, considering factors such as travel time, venue availability, and audience availability.


Logistics and Budget:

  • Plan logistics such as venue selection, transportation, accommodation, catering, audiovisual equipment, and staffing.
  • Develop a budget that accounts for all expenses associated with the roadshow, including travel costs, venue hire, promotional materials, and personnel.


Content Development:

  • Develop compelling and relevant content for presentations, meetings, demos, and promotional materials.
  • Ensure that the content aligns with the objectives of the roadshow and resonates with the target audience.


Promotion and Marketing:

  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the roadshow and generate interest among target stakeholders.
  • Utilise various channels such as email campaigns, social media, press releases, and targeted advertising to reach the intended audience.


Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Cultivate relationships with key stakeholders before, during, and after the roadshow through personalised communication and engagement efforts.
  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to interact with company representatives and provide feedback.


Measurement and Evaluation:

  • Establish metrics to measure the success of the roadshow, such as attendance rates, investor feedback, media coverage, and lead generation.
  • Conduct post-event surveys to assess the effectiveness of the roadshow and identify areas for improvement.


Ultimately, the main objective of a corporate roadshow should be to effectively communicate the company’s key messages, engage with stakeholders, and advance its strategic goals. By carefully planning and executing the roadshow with these objectives in mind, businesses can maximise the impact of their efforts and achieve meaningful results.

Corporate roadshow planning with FMI

At FMI Agency we have delivered immersive corporate roadshows for financial, insurance and telecoms clients – working as an extension of their team to provide corporate roadshow planning and deliver success.

Our hands-on team of professionals have decades of experience in corporate roadshow management – and can deliver anything from corporate roadshow ideas and solutions to creative delivery, logistics and full end-to-end roadshow execution.

Our focus is always on creating positive brand engagement, empowering brands and businesses to create new advocates. We will build an understanding of your business goals and target audience and design a roadshow schedule that is effective and highly engaging. We strive to provide the right solution that fits your brand whilst cultivating stakeholder relationships.

So, whether it’s a new product or services you’re launching – or a corporate message that you need to share with your teams nationally or internally – we can help with corporate roadshow ideas and deliver roadshow events that resonate and drive results. 

If you’d like to talk about your corporate roadshow plans simply contact us using the form below.


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