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Are your employees having fun at work today?

It has previously been said that the words ‘Work’ and ‘Fun’ would not typically be found together but times are changing, and so is what employees expect from a workplace.

As an agency that runs employee engagement programmes, we know only too well how important it is to find ways to engage with colleagues. Okay, it may not always be ‘laugh out loud’ moments, but if employers can find ways to keep spirits high, work joyful and relationships positive, then that surely is a better way to work for everyone.


National Fun At Work Day is dedicated to celebrating the large number of hours that are spent at work and those who find ways to make it enjoyable every day. I can hand on heart say I have only ever had a few ‘Monday morning moments’ throughout my career and have tried hard over the years to instil the fun and positivity to my place of work.

A few years ago, we did a photo shoot at FMI (courtesy of the fabulous Kat Hannon ) and along with our professional studio and profile shots, Kat took some brilliant photos of the team all having fun together at work.

One of my favourites is that of Steph West and Fran Pearce cracking up during the shoot. It is quite possible their fits of giggles were due to the uncomfortable nature of being asked to pose for a photograph to be taken, but every day for nearly a decade, these two colleagues have brought smiles and laughter (not to mention fun!) to our agency.

Despite them now both being on maternity leave, I asked them at the end of last year how they found ways to bring fun to work:

Fran Pearce, senior account manager said:

“For me, it’s all about feeling safe to express yourself and having a voice – our leadership team have set a great example of this and are always encouraging me to work in a way which is true to my personality. We are one team, with the same shared goal to deliver fantastic work for our clients but at the same time we understand the importance of having laughs along the way (I’m sure our clients would agree). Poking fun at the leadership team is always risky (but so worth it) and I find sharing a laugh, joke or a simple smile amongst colleagues really helps strengthen relationships and build trust. Enjoying who you work with, and where you work is key – after all we spend so much time at work it needs to be enjoyable.”

Steph West, senior event manager said:

“I think it’s so important that your job shouldn’t feel like a chore and I feel very lucky that working at FMI feels the opposite! Making time to have conversations with colleagues on a more social and personal level and not taking yourself too seriously I find are key to making the workplace fun. Have a laugh with those around you and the day just whizzes by!”

I am super proud to receive such great feedback from our own staff on what makes them enjoy their time at work. And as a motivation and engagement agency, this further reiterates why we do what we do and our purpose to connect brands with people. What will you do to help your employees have fun at work today?

Clare Bingham

Engagement & Operations Director


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