How to launch a peer-to-peer social recognition platform

You’ve decided to implement an employee recognition platform and now to need to launch it. You only get one chance to engage employees and to get their initial buy-in so be sure to follow the below steps to launch your employee recognition platform with impact. By this stage in the process, you will have already […]

Five ways to create effective engagement campaigns with a reduced budget

Cost saving and cost-effective engagement campaigns are at the top of everyone’s priority list at the moment. The effects of coronavirus have left a lot of brands understandably feeling reluctant to part with budgets, and instead are now focusing on finding the most financially viable way of getting their message heard. Reduced sales and marketing […]

How to calculate ROI for incentive programmes

Client development director, Ian Mast-Hughes, explains how to work out whether your incentive travel trip or promotional event will create more return than it costs. Businesses all over the world are obsessed, quite rightly, with ROI (return on investment) on all their discretional activities. After all, why spend the money if it does not provide […]

How engagement consultancy could benefit your business

By Clare Bingham, Engagement and Operations Director For us at FMI, collaboration is a huge part of why we’re so good at what we do. From learning from those around us, be them clients or team members, we work together and gain insights from others that ultimately help us do what we do, but better. […]