Five ways to create effective engagement campaigns with a reduced budget

Cost saving and cost-effective engagement campaigns are at the top of everyone’s priority list at the moment. The effects of coronavirus have left a lot of brands understandably feeling reluctant to part with budgets, and instead are now focusing on finding the most financially viable way of getting their message heard. Reduced sales and marketing […]

How engagement consultancy could benefit your business

By Clare Bingham, Engagement and Operations Director For us at FMI, collaboration is a huge part of why we’re so good at what we do. From learning from those around us, be them clients or team members, we work together and gain insights from others that ultimately help us do what we do, but better. […]

Launching a global incentive programme

At FMI, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to incentive programmes. We have years of experience delivering programmes in a variety of sectors in countries across the globe. Incentive programmes should always be designed specifically for the brand or product you’re promoting, but when launching a programme on an international scale, there are several […]

How to stand out in a world where everyone is communicating

By Bianca Compton, Account Executive   Now, more than ever, there is mounting pressure for brands to communicate with their audiences and customers. But how do you stand out from your competition at a time when everyone is trying to get their message heard? Carefully considered communications have always been incredibly important, but in 2020 […]