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Sales Incentives Budgets

By Ian Mast-Hughes, Account Director at FMI

I love working agency side (which is a good job after having done it for 20 years) but not as much as building a collaborative long term client relationship. Especially when the client suggests a new focus to a long term programme which supports our long held engagement approach.

We’ve been working with a premium consumer electronics brand for over 5 years on their channel incentive whereby independent retailers are rewarded for each unit they sell to their in-store customers.

For 2019, it was suggested we reduce the per sale reward budget by 40% and instead, use a proportion of this budget to fund competitions and prizes based on engagement, as opposed to sales. Surprisingly, to most people but not to us here at FMI of course, by reducing the sales reward and increasing engagement, results improved!

We saw some fantastic results:

  • 10% increase in user activity & engagement
  • 12% increase in site traffic & page views
  • 4% increase in volume of sales
  • 11% increase in proportion of higher value sales
  • 10% increase in average number of sales made by a user

What does this mean for your campaign budget?

In short, by getting the basics right and focusing on engagement, the average sales person increased the number of units they sold from 9.74 to 10.75 without increasing the overall campaign budget.

If you think you could benefit from increased channel sales and improved brand engagement, why not drop me an email at Ian.Mast-Hughes@fmiagency.com or call us on 0870 890 3305.


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