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Staff Spotlight – Charlie Seaton-Reid

What does your role at FMI brand engagement agency involve?
I’m working in the Business Development team which means I’m responsible for seeking out and researching new business opportunities for FMI. My role involves raising awareness of the FMI offering among brands and industries we are keen to work with, as well as driving potential new leads for the business. It is a mixed role including both sales and marketing, as well as social media management.

The brands I’m talking to are varied as FMI works with such a vast range of businesses. From global brands to SMEs, I’m lucky enough that my role spans across the full spectrum of FMI’s services, including events, incentives and brand marketing. Since joining in September, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to people in the electronics, optical and trade industries, work on proposals for engagement programmes and be onsite at a client exhibition stand for Braemar Finance.

Can you tell us a bit more about your previous roles?  
Before joining FMI, I worked in the management team at Kia Motors UK and was based across its Marketing and Contact Centre offices. Alongside this, I volunteered for a local charity handling their reporting and managing their social media content – a role which I’ve been lucky enough to continue now I’m at FMI.

How have your past roles prepared you for your role at FMI?
With much of my experience lying within the marketing and sales sector, I have been able to apply my knowledge into the industries that FMI play in; electronics, telecoms, finance and automotive. My social media management experience has also meant that I have a strong understanding of online engagement programmes and content creation; an area that FMI are highly experienced in.

How did the FMI team help you to settle in?
Keeping up with my tea-drinking habit has definitely done the trick! I was also invited to a welcome Japanese meal with the rest of the team, which was a great way to get to know everyone, outside of the working environment. I’m very much looking forward to the agency’s Christmas party!

How did you discover FMI and why did you decide you wanted to apply for a job?
I was first made aware of the company through a friend who also works with the events and incentives industry but the fact that the role offered opportunities to deliver real, tangible results for businesses was one of the main selling points for me. When I came for the interview and saw FMI’s amazing views of the Chilton countryside – I was sold!

What was your favourite childhood show?
Big Brother. Granted, it’s not really a childhood show but it’s one of the first things I remember watching, other than Spongebob Squarepants!

Have you ever been starstruck?
I met Prince Charles once – that was quite special.

What’s your go-to takeaway order?
Got to be a Meteor pizza from Dominos.

What’s your most used app?
Definitely Shazam. As a big music fan, I’m always listening out for songs I like the sound of. I’m honestly still baffled by how it works though.

What’s your favourite throwback song?
Fugees – Ready or Not

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