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Debunking reward and recognition myths

Authors often describe writing a book as going on a journey. You set out with a clear direction, visit some specific resting places on the way and arrive at an obvious, final destination. But the finished book is rarely what you set out to write. You learn so much on the journey and visit so […]

Huawei n:gaged wins at the iSellMobile Awards

It’s always nice to be recognised for good work, everyone likes a pat on the back, a box of chocolates or a simple thank you for their efforts. When you work in the Reward and Recognition industry and deliver such things to others each and every day it is very nice to be thanked and […]

Do employee engagement programmes work?

Many Board decisions are finely balanced. If they weren’t, there would be no need for a Board to decide them. The trouble is most decision-makers tend to rely on finance for the rationale to make a good decision. In most cases this is a sensible idea…but not always. One man’s business plan is another man’s […]