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Our Event Manager, Steph, recently visited Reykjavik to find out all about the up and coming destination – here’s what she had to say on her return.

Iceland is quickly becoming a popular destination for groups, with the 3 hour flight from London enticing those who like a quick and easy journey. With its unique landscapes and seaside town feel, the capital Reykjavik offers a mix of cosy restaurants and vibrant nightlife, with the scenery of the mountains in the near distance.

So what makes it a destination that offers groups something they will likely never do again? One thing that springs to mind, having just experienced it myself, is setting up camp in the middle of a glacier and spending the night in a tent. Sounds a little crazy, right? Right! But it really is a unique experience that you’ll never be able to do on a family holiday. Imagine a flurry of yellow arctic tents placed in front of bright white mountains, alongside a catering marquee (otherwise known as the party tent), all equipped with portable toilets, washing facilities and more? You wouldn’t think it was possible.

Provided through HL Adventure, groups have the opportunity to experience Iceland in the most exclusive way. Bedding down for the night with extra thick mattresses, headlamps and specially designed sleeping bags (trust me, you’ll be snug as a bug!), having been fed a fantastic Icelandic meal and partied the night away in a marquee in the middle of nowhere can only be described as unreal. With tourism in Iceland reaching its peak, from 350,000 visitors in 2005 to over 1.2 million in 2015, it’s important to keep standards high and offer something unique, and HL Adventure certainly do this.

That being said, it is unrealistic to think that everyone will be keen to spend a night in their thermals on a snowy glacier, but Iceland still offers that ‘wow’ factor in other ways. Considering the country only has a population of just over 320,000, there is plenty to do. Snowmobiling is a popular and exciting activity, giving you the chance to glide through the mountains and soak up the stunning scenery. You can also visit the natural thermal waters, Geysirs and Gullfoss waterfall, all outstanding areas of beauty.

I won’t give away any more of what Iceland has to offer, but needless to say, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to visit. It certainly was a once in a lifetime trip I will never forget and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to experience something different.



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