The full package: how we create an end to end service offering that truly delivers

By September 9, 2020Incentives

At FMI we’re known for our three core pillars; brand, incentives and events. But it’s our unique skill of uniting these three pillars that sets us apart. With a deep understanding of the distinctive offerings to our core services, we’re able to design and deliver bespoke integrated programmes for our clients, and ultimately offer a full end to end service.

We know that stakeholder engagement is an absolutely vital part of driving sales and awareness for any business, but when those businesses are directly communicating with their own employees or in some cases, non-direct employees to do this, we understand that it can be difficult to find the right way to go about it.

We’ve worked with a plethora of clients in a host of industries from consumer electronics through to global telecoms providers, building programmes that will help not only engage those key stakeholders, but also drive sales among retail and call centres employees, including third-party channel partners. These channel programmes have always included a curated combination of engagement platforms, sales incentives, corporate rewards and group incentive travel, and it’s approach we have proven is highly effective.

It’s all under one roof

Based at our office in Chilton, Buckinghamshire, our team of engagement consultants come together to strategise and share knowledge to create the most effective campaigns to drive outcomes that really matter.

Finding the right solution to engage and incentivise stakeholders to promote the sale of products or services is a key part of creating any engagement and incentives programme.

That’s why we believe in fully understanding our client’s needs and agreeing on individual programme elements that really complement each other. Our in-house teams love nothing more than collaborating on a project and intertwining their skills with colleagues and teammates to generate ROI for our clients.

Our experience spreads across a host of services too, to ensure that we really do offer the full package when it comes to campaigns and deliverables. From designing and developing bespoke digital platforms for global roll-out to planning and executing corporate events, awards dinners and exhibitions, we’re all about joining forces to find a solution that’s right for our client.

The FMI way

We have a tried and tested approach when it comes to delivering effective programmes for global brands. Businesses like global drinks manufacturers and household automotive brands have put their faith in us to develop an approach that delivers. And that takes something special.

Our trusted legacy of an integrated approach means that we can work together behind the scenes to combine expertise and experience into one bespoke programme. For example, programmes can facilitate a channel engagement drive through a digital platform, kickstarted with a bespoke launch event and then paired with ongoing corporate rewards and tactical sales incentives to keep stakeholders motivated and engaged. This fully managed end-to-end solution is seamlessly delivered by our in-house team ensuring that we’re always able to hit those agreed KPIs or sales targets.

We really have been there and got the T-shirt when it comes to building impactful channel engagement programmes. We take the time to listen to clients, help them to identify their outcomes, and understand what success looks like for each of them.

Our engagement consultants will be there every step of the way too, from the initial discovery session all the way through to managing a group travel trip to mark the end of the programme. Fulfilling campaigns and meeting those objectives from beginning to end is why we love what we do.

We’ve got the backing to prove it

What also sets FMI apart from other agencies operating in the incentives and events space, is our link to our parent group. FMI is proudly partnered with pre-payment, gifting and engagement brand, Appreciate Group plc.

Appreciate Group PLC

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused challenges for many in our industry, particularly those in events and event production. Understandably, companies want to ensure that any investment in wider campaigns is safe, and that contracts will be fulfilled, and services delivered.

Our link with Appreciate Group gives us the financial stability to approach global brands and engage them in our service offering. We are a safe agency to collaborate with in the current climate.

If the FMI way sounds right for your business, we’d love to use our knowledge and expertise to help you deliver on those sales targets and reenergise your stakeholder engagement.

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