The Shape of Live Events 2022

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83% of brands say that live events have consistently increased their sales

Visme, Jan 2022

Live events have been shown to be one of the most effective marketing tools a brand can use, and in 2022 live events are back on the agenda. But as one of the most time consuming and expensive marketing tools, how do you approach your live event to guarantee results?

Our team of live event experts have created a downloadable guide to shaping your events in 2022.

It is a four-part series where we deep dive into your event strategy for 2022 and beyond, discussing tactical and logistical approaches to delivering your most successful event.

Designed to build your confidence in bringing events back into your marketing mix, whilst providing insight and ideas on how to ensure your corporate events are a huge success.

Part 1: Why run a live event

Part 2: What type of event to run this year

Part 3: When to go live to generate ROI

Part 4: Where to hold your event

Take a sneak peak at the guide…

From insight and stats to guidance and testimonials our events guide is our way of helping brands before you’ve started working with us. We hope by sharing our experience with you, your live events in 2022 with deliver even better results.

An event management agency that drives genuine results

Over the last decade we’ve organised full end-to-end event management for our clients, devising and delivering corporate events and global conferences that create meaningful brand engagement. We’ve also simply been that extra pair of hands when they’ve needed us most. Take a look at some of our work and the industries we pride ourselves in.

Let us help you get the most out of your events in 2022.

Download The Shape of Live Events 2022

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