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We believe people perform better when they are engaged

Ever stopped and wondered why you do what you do? As an agency that has been delivering projects for companies for well over 13 years, we’ve stopped a number of times and asked ourselves just that.

We identified many years ago that across all of our clients, in many different industries and spread across multiple countries, that there was one common understanding of what we do, and that is ‘Connecting Brands with People’. Whether we are running an event for employees, a roadshow for retail staff or even a travel incentive for channel partners it always comes back to building positive connections with people in order to increase their performance for a company.

From the ‘What’ we do we easily identified ‘Why’ we do it. And it’s as simple as us truly believing that ‘People perform better when they are engaged’. We know the most important first step is to understand your audience, from this you can design and launch an incentive or event that will be highly effective.


At FMI we work to a simple ethos with our clients, enabling us to share in their successes and collaborate on implementing brand engagement solutions. We approach every project with a 5 step process: Discover, Design, Execute, Engage and Assess.


If you would like to explore how brand engagement can contribute to your brands success, then email Ian Mast-Hughes, client development director at


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