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Peter Bennett Dealer Incentives

By Peter Bennett, Development Manager

Back in February of this year, I wrote a blog post about winning new clients, nurturing existing relationships and making inroads into key sectors. Now, nearly ten months later, I wanted to sit down and take a look back at all we’ve achieved in 2019.

Dealership Incentives

For FMI, it’s fair to say that this year has certainly been the year of dealership incentivising. With key client wins and European programme roll-outs including Japan-based tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer, Kubota as well as car manufacturer Mazda, both of which rely on dealerships for the selling of their products, the need to design a model for dealership incentives became more and more prevalent.

When approaching these clients and their respective, relatively complex briefs and KPIs, it became obvious that the key to success was the motivation and incentivisation, not to direct Kubota or Mazda employees, but to those employees selling their goods in dealerships on behalf of the brands.

As an agency, we have successfully developed a tried and tested programme that motivates external staff to get passionate about brands. This included the education of external employees about our client’s products, equipping salespeople with the knowledge needed to sell the product in question and, of course, how best to incentivise them.

I think all the team at FMI will agree when I say, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve managed to do and the results that this model has yielded – it has been no mean feat.

What’s your why?

After 10 years of FMI, we have a well-ingrained model for approaching new projects and opportunities; we always look for the why.

When considering a client brief, it’s easy to get swept away with ‘what’ or ‘how’ we’re going to deliver it, but we’ve found it’s always best to start with the why. If you know a company wants to do something, it is a much better starting point for delivering an outcome that centers around this.

We pride ourselves on using our extensive knowledge and expertise to advise on how to go about delivering a brief in a way that fits both the company’s culture and its ‘why’.

The ‘FMI Way’

What makes FMI different? We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery of all projects; most of our work comes from word of mouth and referrals from past or existing clients, which is testament to our meticulous attention to detail in the delivery of all projects. We’re also highly experienced in our field, boasting a varied team of all ages and sector backgrounds, meaning we can turn our hands to pretty much anything.

We’re adaptable and able to move with the times, embracing new technologies and trends and can work them into projects. But what we also pride ourselves on, is our proven ability to design a model that can be applied to multiple industries. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, a telecoms provider or a gardening equipment brand, we have the experience and knowledge to advise on a brief that will have outstanding results.

As we turn towards Christmas and our 11th year of business, we’re excited about what the next decade will have in store for us. Looking ahead, we can’t wait to welcome more new clients into the FMI fold, growing our team and our reputation as we do so.

Peter Bennett
M: 07583 060920

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