We mean business: Developing FMI to be an industry leader

By February 20, 2019Blog
Peter Bennett

Peter Bennett, Business Development

Building new connections and nurturing existing relationships to support the agency and our client base keeps me very, very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve been focused largely on developing concepts and making inroads into key sectors for FMI, both new and established. Due to our past experience, and the team’s interests, the tech and automotive sectors have been a particular focus for us in recent months, with new connections made and fostered.

I’ve also the spent time analysing challenges faced by our existing clients; making recommendations on how we, at FMI, can feed into any existing strategy to improve their current branding and presence. For our team, it’s essential we understand a client’s values and goals, so any work we do in partnership with them effectively feeds into their objectives and overall approach.

So, whether the end goal is to connect with businesses or industry partners, I introduce and reaffirm the creativity and productivity of FMI’s services. And then I work to make these relationships last.

Strategic planning is also a key part of my role. Often this starts with attending industry functions, including events and conferences and then providing feedback and information on market and creative trends to our teams. It’s crucial I have a view of these business trends, as they can be instrumental to FMI when developing new services and distribution channels.

This approach is ultimately what allows me to input into the team’s creative process when it comes to pitching for business. Using this knowledge of the market and even our competitors, helps us to identify and develop FMI’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.

Our appeal lies in our agility to respond to short deadlines and complex briefs, but also, our bespoke solutions, which make a tangible difference for our clients.

Bespoke solutions are becomingly increasingly popular across all sectors. A level of personalisation and a need for multichannel communication is now seen as a necessity, and not just a ‘nice to have’. Progressively, we’re seeing our clients opt for more complex solutions as they consider the needs and expectations of their end users.

For us, we don’t want to retro fit a solution to a client. We want to work with them from the beginning, finding a resolution that perfectly fits their brief. Whether it’s creating individual dashboards, improving targeting options or driving engagement through personalised interactions, we’ll work with a team to develop a platform that meets all of their key objectives.

At the minute, on the back of this work, we have several exciting projects in the pipeline. These projects and campaigns all play to the team’s passions, making them ideal prospects for us to work alongside and offer our expertise to.

Seeing these relationships come to fruition is the highlight of my role, so over the next few weeks, I imagine we’ll have a lot to shout about as an agency.

In the meantime check out my video below and watch this space for more updates coming soon.

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