Channel Incentives

Do you want to motivate and engage your staff, distributors or resellers? Channel Incentives can be a great way to do just that.


If you need to…

  • Improve sales through third party channels
  • Better educate customer-facing teams on the USP’s of your new product
  • Create loyal brand advocates

…then a reseller programme featuring enticing incentives could help you make significant in-roads in all these areas.

Experts in Enticing Reseller Programmes

Designed for a “mobile-first” generation, our customisable reseller programmes will keep your audience up-to-date with their personal performance and league table position 24/7. Once you have an online destination your audience is keen to visit, you can use it for targeted channel messaging and reseller interactions.

Our award-winning trade programmes can help to raise awareness of your brand and improve sales even when you don’t ‘own’ the channel to market. Our teams have extensive experience of delivering highly effective programmes within complex distribution channels.

Our Channel Partner Programmes in Action

Our award-winning channel incentives have earned themselves industry recognition with the Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards plus huge successes for our clients:

Alpha=Alfa continues to demonstrate itself as one the most successful and rewarding sales incentives programmes we have run in the UK to date, as proven by the success of both phases of the scheme. It is important for us to recognise and reward the hard work put in by our retailers. This crucial scheme helps broaden staff knowledge in a fun and engaging way, enabling them to confidently communicate the benefits of our innovation and technology.

About FMI

FMI brand engagement agency has years of experience in designing and managing effective, targeted channel incentives and reseller programmes. Our agile systems are designed to disrupt the market, drawing attention away from the competition and delivering a great experience that is reflected in the perception of your brand.

We work with global clients from variety of industry sectors, including:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Industry
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Automotive

FMI reseller programmes and channel incentives are fully managed meaning we will run full sales data analysis on your behalf and provide comprehensive reporting at every stage of the programme. Targeted and hard-hitting incentives have been proven to increase sales from a previously benchmarked period and increase market share.

From yearlong programmes to 6-week tactical initiatives, rewards are key. FMI have over 30 years’ experience in the incentive travel industry, from adrenaline packed group incentive travel to once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences to exotic locations, we have the skill and experience to make your incentive travel engaging, rewarding and utterly memorable.

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