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The Power of a Provocative Prize

Oftentimes, when a business is looking to drive change, increase sales, improve performance or create brand conversion, it may consider using a hook to engage its target audience. An incentive prize can not only be the perfect hook for engagement; it can even be one of the most powerful motivators in bringing about behavioural change.

FMI wins top marketing award

FMI were awarded the Outstanding Consumer Market Development Award for 2017 at the recent Huawei UK Partner Convention, held at the Church House Conference Centre, Westminster.

7 Questions to Ensure Your Customer is Always Right

“The customer is never wrong” was the famous slogan of the even more famous hotelier Cesar Ritz. Or if you prefer, “the customer is always right” according to Harry Gordon Selfridge. Working for engagement agencies, as we do, it can sometimes be difficult to believe these maxims, especially when reviewing the numerous briefs received from […]

How do you communicate with your channel?

Snail Mail, E-mail, Text, Websites, Micro-Sites, Social Media, Intranets, Posters, Branded Sweets…you have probably tried all of the above as a means of speaking with your channel partners. However, which works best and do any of these work consistently?

The Digital-Comms-Events Relay

FMI’s baton exchange strategy for successful project delivery “What do you do?” is a question that businesses are asked all the time. Oftentimes, the answer anticipated is a quick one-liner, such as “We make computers,” “We sell coffee,” or “We consult investors on where to spend their money.” With FMI, however, the story is a […]