Incentive Travel Destinations – The World is Your Oyster

FMI Managing Director John Fisher provides some guidance about choosing incentive travel destinations when ‘money is no object’. There are 196 countries in the world (if you include Taiwan). Assuming you are not planning to take your incentive travel winners to somewhere domestically, this means you have a choice of 195 overseas destinations to consider […]

FMI wins top marketing award

FMI were awarded the Outstanding Consumer Market Development Award for 2017 at the recent Huawei UK Partner Convention, held at the Church House Conference Centre, Westminster.

Theory into practice

Saying well done is not as easy as it looks for managers Recognition programmes and non-cash reward or incentive schemes are part of the total rewards strategy for most modern organizations. They are designed to increase overall staff engagement and improve business sales and processes. It seems obvious that improving staff loyalty and incentivizing better […]

The appropriateness of tactical

incentive   /ɪnˈsɛntɪv/  noun a formal scheme using rewards and recognition to promote or encourage specific actions or behaviour by a specific group of people during a defined period of time; particularly used in business management to motivate employees, and in sales to attract and retain customers