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Booking group travel and transfers

As one of the UK’s leading corporate events agency we are highly experienced in booking group travel and transfers, here’s a fool-proof list to ensure a smooth journey.

Incentive Travel Destinations – The World is Your Oyster

Incentive travel agency FMI provides some guidance about choosing incentive travel destinations when ‘money is no object’. There are 196 countries in the world (if you include Taiwan). Assuming you are not planning to take your incentive travel winners to somewhere domestically, this means you have a choice of 195 overseas destinations to consider when […]

Brexit boggles the events industry

John Fisher assesses the potential impact Brexit may have on the events and hospitality industry Now that the British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally presented her 12 objectives for discussion regarding removing the United Kingdom from the European Union it is time for the events industry to ponder the actual implications. An All Party […]

Looking for a unique destination?

Trying to find that unique and exciting experience for your team? Iceland may have just what you’re looking for… Our Event Manager, Steph, recently visited Reykjavik to find out all about the up and coming destination – here’s what she had to say on her return.

Risk v reward when choosing event destinations

The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Istanbul and Paris have prompted lots of industry media comment about ‘safe destinations’ to take corporate meetings and conference delegates. It makes interesting media copy. But it’s closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Professionals in the business sign up to destinations many months in advance and […]

Are you complacent when it comes to event themes?

Imagine a world where people have no names. It would be very confusing for everyone. It also suggests that individuals are not very important. But as we know, individuals do have their own personality with a unique contribution to make. Being different can change groups of people and even nations by the sheer force of […]