How to tackle disparate data for your next channel incentive

As we mentioned in part 1 of this series, there are potentially hundreds of different data sources, located here, there and everywhere! This article will start to address how you can get actionable insights from multiple data sources. Stock levels, sales, profit, customer profiles, customer interactions, customer service, clicks, likes, follows, employee engagement, partner engagement, ROO, ROI … all this data flowing into the company means you are collecting potentially valuable metrics.

Business Intelligence, how to utilise it for your next sales incentive

Business Intelligence Blog Series Andrew Hulme, engagement consultant and business intelligence expert Find the real story – Part 1 Over the coming series I will be exploring the world of business intelligence and showing you that just gathering data, and not leveraging its information, is actually costing you money. If you use data analysis to […]

Competing against the “new normal” Part 2: How to take your event on the road

During a time that has meant many of our campaign plans and events have been paused or even cancelled, we recently shared our thoughts on how we’re working with clients to repurpose their pre-approved 2020 budgets. In the blog, we spoke about how severely impacted many industries have been as a result of COVID-19, but […]

Competing against the “new normal” Part 1: Three ways to purpose your 2021 budget

By Clare Bingham, Operations and Engagement Director It’s no secret that COVID-19 has thrown something of a spanner in the works for 2020 plans, and for many businesses, this has thrown pre-approved budgets into disarray too. But, as we move towards 2021, it’s time to start thinking about the most effective ways to spend budget […]

5 top tips to help you create an effective brand ambassador programme

By Andrew Hulme, Account Director Never underestimate the power of recommendations. Fundamentally, people like to believe in people and will be mindful of genuine endorsements. As a brand, if someone authentically loves your products or services, it will definitely be advantageous to use their positive reviews as a marketing tool. In fact, 92% of individuals trust […]

There’s more to ‘influencers’ than the ones you see on Instagram

We hear a lot online about the power that influencers are having on both businesses and consumers alike. From a business perspective, influencers can assist in driving a campaign to a large target audience. As a consumer, endorsement by a credible influencer can generate a significant amount of interest around a product or service, with […]