Are your employees having fun at work today?

It has previously been said that the words ‘Work’ and ‘Fun’ would not typically be found together but times are changing, and so is what employees expect from a workplace. As an agency that runs employee engagement programmes, we know only too well how important it is to find ways to engage with colleagues. Okay, […]

We believe people perform better when they are engaged

Ever stopped and wondered why you do what you do? As an agency that has been delivering projects for companies for well over 13 years, we’ve stopped a number of times and asked ourselves just that. We identified many years ago that across all of our clients, in many different industries and spread across multiple […]

Engaging communications are just a click away

By Clare Bingham, Operations and Engagement Director At FMI, we pride ourselves on the range of industries we’re able to work across. It is, however, the telecommunications sector where we’ve really thrived in over the past eleven years. We’re passionate about engaging channel audiences with businesses across the globe and telecoms is an industry with […]

How to increase B2B sales performance in 2022

How to increase B2B sales performance in 2022  Last January we started the year knowing 2021 was going to be a recovery year as the world continued to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did we know that these effects would be prolonged to the extent that we are starting 2022 in […]

People buy people: the importance of the personal touch

Sadly 2020 saw the demise of a number of event and incentive agencies, as businesses saw clients disappear and projects slowly went from postponed to cancelled over the course of the pandemic. These were well established and highly respected businesses who did nothing wrong, other than perhaps have all their eggs in one basket that […]

Embracing the digital approach to selling products and services

Clare Bingham, Engagement & Operations Director at FMI Agency Over the past 16 months our reliance on digital communications has become ever-more apparent and it’s unlikely we will ever go back to visiting clients, customers and even retailers in the way we once did. The way we communicate has changed for good. But what does […]