Why do businesses work with agencies?

By June 9, 2020Agency
Why use an agency


You can tap into our knowledge bank.

You definitely don’t get a job at an agency without knowing your stuff and being passionate about the industry or sector you work in. Our senior managers have a plethora of cross-sector experience and you have the benefit of learning from our past experiences – particularly gaining an ear on what approaches do and don’t work.

And that can apply to any industry too. Our experience and knowledge across a multitude of sectors means that you can lean on our recommendations, from what type of content resonates with a sales force to what city we’d recommend for an incentive travel trip; or the best way to engage the passing public in an experiential marketing approach. You have a team full of experts at your fingertips with access to a host of insights and expertise in their own area.

Investing in an agency brings a whole host of different benefits than recruiting an extra member of staff. It brings a whole team of people whose knowledge you can rely on to make your next project a success. We more than understand that you have business objectives and KPIs to meet internally, and we’re able to bring an outsider’s perspective to your campaigns and ideas that you might not necessarily get access to in any other situation.


We have the resource to help you deliver every time.

Now we’ve all heard the saying ‘You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce’, and while this may ring true, internal teams sometimes simply don’t have the time and resources to deliver and execute campaigns. Often, internal teams wear many hats and have to juggle changing priorities, which ultimately means that some things have to get pushed to the back of the agenda.

Using an agency is like adding that final piece of the puzzle. You have a guaranteed bank of hours and an expert team that’s only ever a phone call away. If priorities shift internally, your agency team will continue to focus on campaigns in the background, leaving you to deal with whatever has landed on your desk.

What’s more, you can use your agency to help bolster both ongoing campaigns and new business goals; does your Sales Director need help to deliver the incentives they want? Your agency can help with that.

Think of your agency as an extension of your own team and use them to help deliver ‘bigger picture’ campaigns. They’ll get to know your team and your business and be able to deliver the right solution for you every time. If you find an agency that fits with your company brand and ethos, and who works well with your internal team, you can work together to produce positive and successful outcomes for all involved.


You can unburden your workload onto us.

 We’re the helping hand to support you as and when you need us. That means we’re able to expand capacity when needed, absorbing as much of your to-do list as possible.

Our expert team has experience across a wide range of marketing functions – including events, rewards and incentives; but did you know we can also support with your wider communications mix?

We have copywriters to craft your perfect presentation; brand experts to advise on strategy, videographers to bring your content to life… With the collaborative support we provide, measurable and effective brand engagement is possible and will drive great ROI for your business.

As an agency it’s in our best interest to offer you the most relevant advice, implement new techniques and be in the know about any upcoming industry changes. We invest time and resource into making sure our services are cutting-edge but also adaptable to change. Which is why we can offer differing levels of support, depending on your business’s seasonal peaks. Whether it’s a new product launch, an annual conference, an incentive programme or a group reward, we can give your campaign extra attention and adapt to your needs quickly and skilfully.

We truly believe our agency is a safe pair of hands, ready and waiting to support you on all your marketing requirements.


We help you expand your resource instantly

Agencies are teams made up of experts in their field, which means you have access to a premium resource on tap.

When deciding to work with an agency, specific roles and team members will be handpicked in order to best deliver on your project objectives and requirements. That means you can benefit from their years of experience in delivering agency services to a broad spectrum of clients and industries. Depending on your brief, there will be a selection of team members suitable to meet those requirements; from creative designers to engagement experts.

Not only does this mean that you can tap into an expert resource from the moment you select your agency, but agencies can also be the most cost-effective option if you’re looking for extra support – whether that’s through a short-term project or a longer relationship. At FMI, we genuinely enjoy being able to help where needed and we really love proposing advice and support that ensures that a project or campaign is a success. We are here to prop you up, as and when you need us.


We sweat the small stuff

We exist to support our clients and they are our priority. So, that means we have the time and ability to really get into the nitty-gritty of a project or campaign.

We’re able to focus on what’s important to you, and really drill into the complexities of how a campaign could and should work. Aspects of the process – small but incredibly important aspects – that might not even have crossed your mind yet have already been ticked off, as our team have been there and done it all before.

If you don’t currently have the resource or skillset to fulfil things like signing off health and safety documentation for a travel trip or working out onsite logistics for an event, we make sure they are covered from the word go. All of our campaigns are planned to the Nth degree with tried and tested processes that are guaranteed to deliver positive results. Because of this, we’re able to cover all bases, but it also means that we’re able to quash any potential issues before they cause problems; putting your mind at rest from the initial conversation.


We have a global reach

While we might be based just a short drive from London, we’re certainly no strangers to the rest of the world!

We’d never recommend a destination to our clients that we’ve not visited and fully vetted ourselves. Agency life means that our teams are constantly in and out of the office (pre-lockdown of course!), undertaking site recces for travel trips, managing worldwide corporate events and hosting incentive experiences for our clients. And while we do count ourselves lucky that we are able to deliver such experiences for our clients, we’ve worked hard over the years to expand our reach around the world to be able to do so.

From recommending the best hotels for a corporate reward weekend to sharing the local hotspots for an educational incentive trip; our global experience means that we’re able to really deliver on the aims of the project – in the best way possible.


We love to make you look great

We’re here to help you do what you do best. And while we understand that working in-house can bring an endless list of priorities, we’re here to remind you why you do what you do.

We thrive on ensuring that your campaign or project sets out what it was meant to do, and we love to celebrate your successes alongside you. That’s why we work as an extension of your team and we don’t give up until we’ve achieved what we were brought in to do. And while the start of a project can definitely be the most exciting part, one of our favourite aspects is the end. The time when we can really analyse the results; figure out what worked and suggest tweaks for next time; because it’s the moment when we can really digest and appreciate what we have achieved together.

Making you look great is a total pleasure for us, and something that we always strive to achieve with our work!

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