A results-focused channel marketing agency

At FMI, we live and breathe channel marketing – not only in terms of generating creative ideas that inspire people to engage with the brands we work alongside but also in delivering campaigns that drive genuine results.

We are experts when it comes to channel marketing, creating bespoke strategies that align with our clients’ objectives.

We are proud to be the channel marketing agency of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands in the electronics, telecommunications and software industries.

Multi-channel marketing solutions

We always think multi-channel marketing when it comes to delivering strategies for our clients, delivering new and exciting marketing communications campaigns that resonate and drive ROI consistently through the channels that deliver.

It’s our focus on integration – and knowing what channels work and what don’t – that has helped us become the trusted channel marketing agency for Huawei, LG, Jabra and Progress among many others.

We’d love to be your channel marketing agency

If you need creative ideas people for your next channel incentives campaign or want to deliver brand engagement and multi-channel marketing communications programmes,  then speak with our experienced team.

Reaching all the people in all channels who can affect your sales can be a difficult task. That’s why we have our award winning sales engagement platform to support our engagement experts to build brand loyalty and drive sales.

Winning hearts and minds of your Channel Partners

Whether it’s rewarding sales to imparting knowledge, retailers, resellers and distributors alike will repeatedly engage with your channel marketing solutions. From call centre roadshows and installer events, to online platforms and social media campaigns, we have the marketing tools to inspire your channel partners, driving stronger brand engagement.

We make channel marketing simple, taking the pressure off when it comes to generating engagement and return on investment with your channel partners. Our engagement experts can help increase staff engagement, improve product knowledge and win hearts and minds for your brand. We’ve done it all when it comes to channel marketing.

Driving continuous engagement in Channel

Our team of engagement experts are skilled at crafting creative campaigns and communications that will keep your channel partners continuously engaged.

Our partner marketing and channel tools aim to integrate new technologies, from gamification and instant wins to social media campaigns and online training, we help you choose the right solutions to deliver the best results.

Even the simplest marketing channel ideas can be the best when it comes to delivering results.

Reaching your audience and sales targets

We have delivered channel marketing solutions that have reached thousands. Our high-level PowerPoint presentations and videos have allowed global brands to present their product line-up at vendor meetings and beyond. Our creative team have the unique ability to present products in the right way, using the right medium, for the right audience.

Our online channel engagement programmes have touched both direct and non-direct employees in the UK and internationally, with content updated regularly for persistent engagement and repeat visits. All it takes is a simple brief to our experienced team and they can advise you how we can help you achieve your objectives.

So, whether your campaign is simple or complex, we can be your trusted channel marketing agency. All it takes is a simple brief to our experienced team and they can advise you how we can help you achieve your channel engagement objectives.

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